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Happy Mental Health Awareness Month TNT Twerkas ❤️✨🎉✨🎊✨❤️! We Twerk for mental health round here! Which always sounds like something powerful. This month, I wanna get intimate w/all of u in this group & share a lil bit of my personal story.

If u r familiar w/Jupiter Love/Soul Science/ Starseed Chaos, u kno how passionate I am about telling better stories. Sometimes, telling better stories kinda kills the morale. Recently, I have been invited to heal a relationship that I’ve been battling for likely all my lifetimes. It’s my personal TwinFlame Story. N I am hesitant to share details.

A part of my life mission is sharing some of the lessons I have encountered along my life journey this far. I’ll leave u all w/a story about a young Melanated/Carbonated Sistar named Amanda Sharpe-Jefferson, a 26-28 year old in the Las Vegas area who had an aggressive Kundalini Psychotic episode & killed both of her children back in 2020. Read about her story here.

Can u relate to being the Mother of a beautiful child/ren, dealin w/regular relationship issues. Including the suspicion of another lover. Being called crazy (espesh for ur spiritual connection) & 1 day, u just loose it & fuq’n snap!? Crazy example. Not sure if it’s true or not, I’m just painting a picture. We Twerk so we can tap on with & identify overwhelmin, aggregating vibes. We Twerk cuz sometimes we’re angry. N that’s normal. We Twerk to release stress. We Twerk to connect w/our inner child. We Twerk so we can remember the truth w/in our soul. Periodtt.

Allow for this info to help u see a lil mo clearly, exactly 𝔀𝓱𝔂 we Twerk for mental health ❤️.

Got some thoughts? Comment below ✨.

Have a beautiful Monday & a blissful week 😘

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Welcome to the group! My team & I r passionate about healing...
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