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Peeeeace TNT Twerkas! In this 3rd Day of Mental Health Month, I think now is the perfect time to share behind the scenes info & footage of my journey.

2012, my life was in a maaaaajor shift. After a 10 yr pursuit, I’d finally earned my Associates in Psychology, which was my original field of study. I changed majors maybe 5-6 times before following my heart & completing the Psychology Program at Miami Dade College. I’d been living in Miami about 4-5 yrs. Preparing to separate from & leave my Baby Daddy, angry, confused, emotionally over whelmed & a bit directionless.

My ex is born & raised in Miami & many people from our social circle we’re goin to jail or being put on probation. My car, a 2009 Cadillac STS was confiscated by the police. As was my ex’s truck. Leaving us 1 vehicle, looots of stress & very few options. Dealing w/all of this, plus drama between my Ex & his wife, my ex & his hoes, my ex & his catty family, plus my family, my children & what few friends I had left. I was tapped out in every way!

Recurring thoughts begging me to end my life were constantly running in my head. No more independent living. I knew I had to go to Vegas & be w/my family. N that inspired me to feel like a failure. I had 2 beautiful children. Both now the result of broken relationships. I’d just turned 30 & I felt trapped. There was no peace in my home unless there was complete silence. Which I didn't really mind. considering my own thoughts were so loud.

I lived walking distance from 24 hour fitness, so I walked several times a day to escape my life w/fitness, classes & nutrition. 1 day, I noticed a Hip Hop class & challenged myself to check it out. It was taught by an Uncle Luke dancer & it was suuuuch a breath of fresh air! I was being taught 𝓪𝓵𝓵 the Miami dances I fantasized about daily, up until that point.

I was literally being guided to learn how to connect w/myself. There were mirrors throughout the studio & she taught at 2 locations like 4 times a week. Because if this class, I had the tenacity to look @ myself in the mirror. I was beginning to smile. Cry less. Be a kinder Mom. But after 8 wks, I had to fly back to my family in Vegas. Which was something I didn wanna do, but knew I had to.

Almost immediately after landing in Vegas, I began working in the convention industry. My daughter was going to 1st grade, my son was headed to preschool. I worked long hours & played the helicopter Mom, prepping my children for their day in advance as much as possible. I literally pIckes outfits, undies, socks, barrettes & shoes. Bathing them the night before. All my Fam had to do was oversee & guide. My days were long but my heart was broken. The man I left, my son’s Dad is my TwinFlame & I was clueless of the meaning at this time in my life.

Dancing was a form of therapy I couldn’t bring to words. I craved more of that Hip Hop class. N I searched 𝓮𝓿𝓮𝓽𝔂𝔀𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓮 to see what the West Coast offered. I found nothing. So, I went to YouTube. Initially, I was just watching vids. By the 2-3 night, my body needed me to move. So I did!

Every night, when the whole house was sleep, I’d create routines & perform them for my sister-in-law. Literally creating routine. Some of which I still honor today… These routines are the foundation of Twerkology. Which explains the soul response to Twerkin, sex & stress.

Early this Rising, I saw some old vids I never publicly shared. Until now. Here’s footage of my beginning. Allow this to be inspo for someone out here that needs to turn her pain into pleasure. I’m hella stiff in this footage, which I can sometimes still be. The whole point is to relax n let go. Enjoy & don’t judge 😉

Remember to show up & show out Saturyay, k? K 😉!


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