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Basic Blue Waist Beads

Basic Blue Waist Beads

The blue stands represent Arch Angel Michael and his unconditional love. Wear these beads to be the peace to desire to experience. Prices range from $20-$82


Waist Beads have played a heavy role in my awakening process. I began with a couple strands of white beads, which represented purity and peace as I began my journey. Wearing them reminded me to maintain good posture, loose weight, they accentuate feminine beauty and grace. My own beads helped me to make peace with my tiger stripes and see the perfection in my imperfection. My beads united me with the Orishas and their guidance led me to my own powerful abilities. Everyone has a separate journey. Only you know the true details of your own. Now, I'm here to gift all of your with your version of the same experience. 
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