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Earthing Waist Beads

Earthing Waist Beads

Ground yourself and attune yourself to the power of Gaia with the brown waist beads. Add tiger's eye, agate, mahogany or obsidian to promote stability and clear thinking. Prices range from $38-$108


Waist Beads have played a heavy role in my awakening process. Most women begin their journey with a couple strands of white beads. White watse beads represent purity & peace. helping usher peace & harmonly on. Wearing waist beads can remind you to maintain good posture, help you loose weight. As well as accentuate feminine beauty & grace.


My own beads helped me to make peace with the imprefections of my body & see the perfection in my own imperfections. My beads help me unite me with the Orishas their guidance lead me to unapologetically honor my own powerful abilities. Everyone has a separate journey. Only you know the true details of your own.


These cutome, hand made waite beads were created to help. Sending love to you on your journey.

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