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I Twerk 4 My Spiritual Health

Peace World. I'm Angela Mattox, a Kundalini Specialist, specializing in energy, the law of attraction and tantra. All topics we hardly speak aloud about, yet we all desperately need. When was the last time u spoke aloud of energy?

Energy is defined as power derived from the utilization of physical or chemical resources, especially to provide light and heat or to work machines (Oxford Dictionaries). Every human body has 9 energy bodies. Our emotions determine the frequency of these bodies. If we vibrate high, w/a low frequency, we attract abundance. I we vibrate low, w/a high frequency, we attract chaos.

Our spine houses our central nervous system, which controls the well being of the full body. The Kundalini (known in Western faith as Holy Spirit) is the spiritual energy w/in. It's our soul's light house. Beginning at the sacrum (lowest point of the back), traveling thru ur chakra system and eventually bursting thru the crown, revealing many super natural gifts, internal/external peace and the most concentrated love you've ever witnessed.

Twerkin is a African based, spiritual dance, done socially amongst Western cultures. The dance focuses on heavy isolation and massive manipulation of the Kundalini directly, creating the most electrifying energy dance can offer. U can burn over 2200 calories/hour w/this format. Allowing you to naturally tone as u build ur dream body.

Dancing improves confidence, posture, health issues, reduces stress, boosts memory, improve heart health and increases energy. Twerkin diminished my deepest darkest depression and ultimately guided me to the courage to teach the whole world my process.

Queens of Miami, I'm inviting u 2 join me as I heal myself back to life. I've recently decided to feel again, as opposed to not feel at all. Life is very emotional for me. I twerk to keep my sanity and I invite every woman to join me, as we collecvtively expand our conscioiusness.

Miami, I'm comin 4 ya.

August 6, 2017

Hollywood beach (large parking lot)

Jefferson and Turf (S. 9th Ave)

Neighborhood Mixer 9-10am

Twerkin 10-11am

Food Q&A 11-1145am

Bring: mat, towel & water

Live DJ


Adults: $25pp

Child: $12.75 (10-18)

Tell errbody u kno. See ya there

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