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About George n I

Unknown fact: I’m a ginormous George Michael supporter ❤!!! Our love affair began soon as I was born. My Mom used 2 play the tunes of Wham as she embraced being a new teen mom. A few years later, I fell head over heels in love when he went solo. Upon the release of Faith. I was about 5 or 6 . I was born a very mature being. The honesty of his lyrics touched my heart & inspired my soul 2 dance from the very beginning.

Being the daughter of a 16yr old Mom, who your named after can be full of pressure. Everyone who knows me knows how kind & loving I am. Only those closest to me know how intense & painful my love can become.

Internalizing all of the day 2 day living resulted in massive resentment within me at a very young age. I was sad whenever my Mom had to leave anywhere. With 4 young children, she was gone often. I had 3 siblings to lead, so being publically sad wasn’t really an option. I was mad about my father. A knuckle head, hot boy who couldn’t handle the fact he couldn’t break my Mom’s spirit. A reality that broke him. In resulted in him being absent in his 4 children’s life. Now add resentment and anger to mad.

I was aggravated my whole family was struggling day to day. Makin it look easy. Dressing nice and smiling big. My family members are some of the most educated, experienced, masterminds I know. Problem is, they don’t believe it. My greatest struggle was accepting this was how life was supposed to be.

I always inner & overstood George Michael’s messages. I was astounded that a Caucasian British man, 20+ yrs my senior had the same heart songs as my own. The details behind his beautiful, heart breakin ballets reminded me to have faith. No matter what. His dance tunes inspired me to shake my own massive depression away as I juked myself to brighter days.

Every major album he released represented a major hallmark in my life. I’ve been writing since I was 8. He taught me to honor my truth at all times. I manifested many award ceremonies to make my family proud. My attachment to sadness always darkened every bright experience. George’s openness about his own fear and depression allowed me to see I wasn’t alone. But it also reinforced the same negative emotions. Inspiring me to stay secretly massively depressed.

The area of Chicago I grew up in wasn’t too far from Boys Town. Bka, gay heaven. George was often the soundtrack as people marched around in very little clothing, freeing themselves from all rules. Focusing on sexuality. They had the dopest parties cuz they were full of humans who empathized with the pain of others. And used sex for medicine. Of course a major dis-ease had to come and break this community up. Now the terror of death looms over the gay/lesbian/bisexual community, creating the new norm we all openly, fearfully accept.

Last year, I left 5 years of hard work, sweat and tears to journeyed to find my soul in Miami. I got tired of being massively super depressed and I was determined to cure myself. I always knew I’d return, but I needed to learn to show up for my

self. Once I master that, then I can fully commit to serving my life mission. Prince, Mary J Blige & Michael Jackson were beautiful guides during my journey. Anytime my heart felt too heavy to function, which was often, I played George Michael.

In his care, I cried. I became present and I challenged myself to use all the self mastery tips I’d been studying over the years. Every one of his songs remind me of the beauty inside being a human being. Suddenly, I’d become filled with gratitude & continue floating. Others just knew the high spirited persona I maintained. They didn’t know how I achieved my high, healing energy. The questioned if I was real & treated me accordingly. I always feared this reality because I’ve always felt their uncomfortable energy. Now that I’m healing, I choose to believe they felt fear/shame/guilt while witnessing me master myself. Very few people honestly share their emotions. Me and my kind are rare. They covered the root of their emotions with aggressive feelings, which resulted in our unfortunate past.

I get a kick out of lookin up people’s natal chart and seeing if the report was what I sensed. A natal chart I found shared George Michael was a Cancer sun and Rising, Leo moon. Cancers r the ruler of emotions. Emotions are water. The crab is it’s animal. Leo is the lion. Lions are territorial, passionate lovers that are all about looking good and being cocky. His mid-heaven was Pisces, which explains why he was so spiritually open and atuned to all. Repped by 2 fish, Pisces are known to have a direct connection with God. His chart proves everything my soul has always known about him.

Last year, I was enjoying the holidays with my King, all 5 of our children & his family. Although I was happy and grateful for my reality, I felt this heaviness all day long. By the end of the night, my Mom called me & told me George Michael passed in his sleep earlier that day. My heart shattered. I cried like a baby… And still do honestly.

He’s proof that words literally are curses. The truth is healing. This is a yin-yang example behind fully comprehending this life. George Michael’s beautiful, angelic voice always communicated the prayers he was sending to the most sacred part of heaven on going. He spoke about life as it was. And his emotions about it all. His desires & fears. Every album. Damn near every song. That’s beautiful. Perhaps gis connection to heaven somehow explains his connection to me.

He spoke about a 3 year depression when he lost his connection to everything. Including his music. He felt so broken. So detached from life. I can fully relate. My desire to fully heal my depression is why I share my thoughts so openly. George Michael proved to me, there’s healing power in sharing your truth with humility and love.

Today, my Mom and I watched his documentary on Showtime called Freedom. He was working on this project when he died. It aired just before the children and I came back to my family this September. She saved it to watch it with me. My Mom had been praying non stop for my safety my whole stay. Especially the last 4 months. Watching George Michael together was a sacred mother/daughter activity, just for us, that we both desperately needed.

I cried like a baby pretty much the whole movie. He had all kinds of elite a-listers reminiscing on his career. Every last one of these celebrities spoke on how soulful he was. They played his music & recorded their very honest, human, emotion about it all. To watch elite industry people be emotional open is very touching. Watching them cry made my heart grow. They cried real tears, because they felt his struggle. Because it was also theirs.

Throughout the documentary, George Michael spoke on loveless realties. Fear. Sadness and depression. Love. Sex. Faith. Angels. Salvation. These were his topics of choice when writing his greatest hits. The hits with a truth so raw, it’s still relevant to this day.

Today, I felt like I was watchin a playback of a legends life. As beautiful as the story was, it broke my heart. He accomplished so much in his short life, but the fact that he chose to leave this realm makes my heart so heavy. Each of us humans must die 9 times before it’s official and the body ceases to function. The law of attraction simply granted his ultimate request. He thought of & sang about fear often. His death is the result of that fact.

Reflecting on George Michael’s career, I’m honored to have known of him. No matter what he experienced, he was always the light. You could see it in his eyes. This documentary did a beautiful job capin his life. He fought for freedom & initially lost, but ultimately won. He fear loneliness, found the love of his life, only for that lover to die of HIV. He debuted as a model status lover boy who later became gay & made a mockery of himself, so no1 else could. He was just… Beautiful

When I look up pictures of his last days, I notice all the weight he’s gained. I noticed his weight yo yo quite a bit within this millennium. His last days, his neck was fat. His body was round. His face looked swollen. If I guessed hus death it’d be voluntary food poisoning from a broken heart.

When we are sad, we crave certain foods. Most of the average diet causes us to produce a massive amount of acid. These foods also hide pus, mucus, parasites and worms, which plant themselves inside our fat as we eat away. Nonstop. Emotionally, these foods inspire the human to pay more attention to lack, creating negative thoughts ongoing. Suddenly, your spiritual connection is at its weakest point. Once the human fully commits to leaving this nightmare called life, it stops breathing and life is no more.

I’m having a tough time being fully happy this holiday season. I can see so many souls have committed to the same fate. My own family is planning a elaborate menu full of rare treats we don’t have all the time, that contribute to the demise of our health in all facades. Of course they’ll be some vegan treats, but overall, we can look forward to clogging our cells up well.

Everyone’s getting ready for the parties of the year. Making lasting memories with the ones they love most. Eatting food special for the holidays. No one talks about the psychological/emotional effects these foods have on the mind. Nor the sense of loneliness. When you feel have nothing and no one, it’s tough for others to reach you. You feel beyond alone. The foods we eat support this mentality. Who saves us from the ghost of death then?

Consider a reality where we only eat healing foods. Perhaps with that reality, we’d cure all problems. Then legends like this one could still be alive. This dream is far from my reality. I see death upon so many & it saddens me to no end. I’d love for us to honor the reality that we speak our realties into existence. This holiday season, please be conscious of what you eat. What you eat controls what you think. And what you think controls what you create.

If you are ready to cleanse your soul and begin anew, check out the store and hook yourself and your loved ones up. Detox herbs and spirit baths are perfect for internal balance this holiday season.

Love n Lite Babes.

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