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Energy's Secret

It's Monday Rising. And it's time to get the kiddio's ready for school. Ur Boo awakes and holds the speaker of his cell as close to the nucleus of ur eardrum as possible, causing u 2 nearly jump outta ur skin.

Initial thought: "WTF!?!" U might have a little verbal exchange. Now what? U have 2 choices.

- Either entertain this lower frequency and highlight aLL the things getting on ur nerves.

- Or----, change ur mood. Well what happens when u do that? Welp, let's see.

1st, let's highlight that everything is energy.We once learned about protons, neutrons and electrons alllll those years ago in school. Well, we're gonna revisit that concept for a bit.

According to, protons are,positively charged particles that determine what element the atom is. Regardless of how many neutrons and electrons present, if the number of protons match the number of matching corresponding atomic number, u can classify it as that element.

Neutrons- Mainly stabilize the atom and is neither positive nor negative. It has the same atomic mass as protons.

Electrons- Allow the atoms to bond to itself & take on chemical reactions.

Now, back to the scenario. You're at a cross road and your decision here will theme the rest of your day (to say the very least). If u pick option 1, that's an electron heavy decision. Ur energy is scientifically forced to bond to itself and constantly create and recreate low frequency energetic exchanges.

Here's the playback

{option 1}:

You go off on Bae. The kiddios straight cruising for a bruisin allll Rising long. Nothing is working out well. The babies are late to school. U & Bae argue at the top of the day. Yet and still, you get dressed and begin your weekly grind.

Now you need coffee, so u stop. It's burned & the re-do takes too long, so now you 15 minutes late for work. No one notices anything at 1st, yet your on pins and needles all day! All of a sudden, you remember how many warnings you've accumulated thus far, & thoughts of termination invade your mental space. By the end of lunch, your boss asks to speak to you. You get fired, drive home & some a-hole rear ends you! As they make the accident report, you break down. Recurring thought: Why me!?!

Don't be fooled. Thoughts are powerful. We have literally thought (manifested) every aspect of our life to be exactly what it is in this very moment.

I personally have attached myself to low frequency thoughts, for the sheer convince of it. "How dare they say (feel in the blank) is my fault. Ummm, no...! If (blah) would/wouldn't have (blah), then blah." This is totally an illogical thought that lends itself to being our reality. Then we go out and recreate that energy (cuz that's how electrons get down). This leads to super low self confidence and self worth, solidifies a lower frequency and leads to disease, including depression, organ failure (or functional issues), fatal diseases and ailments. Trust, I know!

There's a whole other scenario that we failed to review. Let's do that now:

Tell Bae you don't get down like dat. You don't accept this type of exchange. Then commence to your additional responsibilities and concerns.

SN- Aligning Exercise:

Prior to communicating with AnY1 else, take a few seconds to align yourself by deep breathing. Inhale & say "positivity in", exhaling say "negativity out" til you feel better, then move on

Greet your babies (the way you wish you were greeted) and carry on w/your tasks. Crack jokes, give complements and send the children off.

Listen to music, lectures or meditation music to heighten your energy. If Bae get to talkin crazy, repeat aligning exercise (above).

Commit to carrying on with your day. The sheer thought of me overcoming my own thoughts makes me feel uber powerful. Then I begin trotting on pure sunshine. I strongly recommend this.

As the day carries on, you find money on the floor, you receive a beautiful message from a client thanking you for being you, the whole company learns this and you are awarded employee of the month & Bae texts you by lunch to apologize.

So, there you have it Lite Beings. Having a dope life is managed by constant dope thoughts. Need a lil more guidance? Allow me to introduce you to your feel-a-meter. Don't forget to follow me and like, share and comment on the content. Happy Healing Tribe Love n Lite.

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