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Call Me A Bitch 😕👑

I’m all about love and light. I adore close relationships founded on soul diving, tantric healing & unconditional love. But if you get too close and my feelings get hurt, I might cut ya (with my words, of course). Call me a bitch. I don’t mind 😇

Growing up a melanin rich female in Chicago, ILL, I learned the powers the word bitch has very early. In my home, my biological father would call my Mom a bitch more than he said her name. Apparently my peers had the same reality because bitch was our favorite cuss word to throw out there for cool points. As I got older, my closest girlfriends added their own emotional flare to the annunciation. The way my friends said bitch let me know the energy of the situation at hand.

Society, on the other hand, inspired me to feel guilty, dirty and/or cheap for using this verbiage. It’s alleged that the vocabulary is limited if cuss words are the basis. All respectable adults, especially the melanin rich crowd, forsake this word. They say a bitch is a female dog in heat, yet they’re quick to call a female a bitch for one sensitive reason or another. This word is super charged with both good and bad vibes. All this confusion and no answers was my inspiration to find a deeper truth that felt more meaningful than the one society offered.

Seek and ye shall Find, right?

One day while searching Google, I read the most interesting article that introduced the actual history behind not only the word bitch, but the words cunt and whore as well. Here’s the link, in case your down for the read (

The first Goddess we divin into is Sarama, the big dog and messenger of the God Indra. She was Sarameya’s Mom, & she accompanied the God Yama. In the Bhagavata Purana, Sarama was a daughter of Daksha, who’s the creator of all wild animals. The info I found was kinda limited on her, but here’s the link. (

Next, we have Aremis who is the Goddess of childbirth, protectress of the girl child just before she marries. She’s also over hunting, the wilderness and wild animals. The flower child head accessories we rock now are because of this bitch ❤. Read all about here history here (

Lupa is described as the goddess of the moon, fertility and material wealth. I relate most to this bitch here. She’s described as the trainer for all demiGods. She’s very harsh with a tough personality, brutal & judgemental towards others. She respects those who don’t fear her. Weak and ignorant people are devoured by her and her wolves. However, she also had a heart of gold. 1 day she saw a set of newborn twin boys floating in the Timber River & took them in as her own. Read more about her here (

Lately, I’ve been sharing my truth, resulting in me being the biggest bitch in the eyes of those I loved most. I feared speaking up because I didn’t wanna deal with the punishment these people think I deserve.

I see this happen all too often. Women are soft and loving. The passionate inside us is confused with pain. We say too many words and suddenly, no one innerstands us. No one enjoys being misunderstood, so the masks come out and the pretending begins.

I’d like to challenge us all to heal. Women, we must heal our frozen hearts. Men, u must guide us in love while we guide u in life. We must all work on ways to establish unconditional love and support for one another. Our lives and the lives of our babies depend on it.

Because I am familiar with the etymology of the word bitch, I receive that those close to me are only speaking about my royal energy. Which means I am being celebrated. Since I see myself being celebrated, suddenly my feelings aren’t hurt because someone I’m communicating with just called me a bitch, whore or cunt. The notion of things being right or wrong, good or bad is trappin us inside a waking nightmare we can’t awaken from. The sense of control is an egoic, imaginative reality. Let’s drop the judgements, expand our minds, forgive and elevate. The World will be a better place for it.

This post is saying a lot, I kno. Feel free to smoke a joint, read the articles and take a spiritual bath and cleanse your auric field as this message sets in. Elevation is beautiful once we stop fearing the unknown and running from shadows.

Happy Healing Beauties.

Love n Lite

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