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Miracles come in moments...

"Miracles come in moments. Be ready & willing" -Wayne Dyer

A couple yrs ago, I felt like I outgrew my body in some senses. Emotionally, my world was caving in on me. The things I thought were owed 2 me were taken away & I was forced 2 journey. It started out lonely, b/c I was afraid 2 be alone. Then I dissected just what elements of that reality scared me the most. Fast Forward 3 yrs & I now recognize what appears to be the beginning of my latest shift.

2 all my people in the midst of a shift, I'm proud of you. Many of you probably feel pretty alone and misunderstood. Underloved and appreciated. How does that inspire you to feel?

Are you so mad you cuss out lil children you pass? Or do you smile at everyone from ear to ear with super sad eyes while you mentally conjure up your own mass massacre?

Here's the guide u may have been waiting on. In order to know the answers to the above questions, you must shut down your ego and attune to your super conscious. Our mucus causing diets prevent us from doing this successfully.

5 minutes of guided meditation per day could be the missing key to your greatness. The Ascension Support Group is our virtual home created just for that purpose. Membership includes motivational content, guiding materials, helpful tips, a chat, meditations and more. The donation is only $10 donation per month.

Email the screenshot of your PayPal transaction to (PayPal email as well). We will reply back with the link. These are the times of our greatest tests, it's important for us to know that we are not alone. May love n lite light ur trail. Time 2 breath easy & celebrate.

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