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Hawai'i Cruise

Health is my favourite subject. Let's see if I can inspire it to be yours as well !

We all know that eating a certain way, exercising and drinking water are key staples in maintaining our health. Talking about doin this and doin it is two seperate realities. Sometimes it feels better to chat about health while being a couch potatoe, munching on doughnuts & pizza. While drinking pop (soda) .

What about when we add dis-ease in the picture. Dis-ease implies the body is out of ease or flow with itself. Dis-ease is the new norm amongst melanine-rich (African-American/Black) people is the only norm I know. I was born to a young family. I'm currently in my mid 30s in the best health of my life. My Mom & other family members are entering their 50s with blood pressure issues, heart concerns, brain deficiencies & body malfunction issues across the board.

According to, more than 40% of melanine-rich (African-American/Black) men & women have high blood pressure. Doctors and medical experts alike blame the victims genetics and/or environment for the diagnosis. Factors like family medical history, increased age, excessive weight and diabetes are noted as risk factors.

The complications associated with high blood pressure are kidney disease, stroke, blindness, heart disease and dementia. Melanine-rich people are the most likely 2 develop complications associated with heart disease.

This is a lot of information to take in, huh? We must ask ourselves, why. What causes this?

Calcium directs electricity to the cell. When cells get scared, they grab all the calcium in sight. Calcium is not being metabolized in the cell. The human body is merely an amalgamation of cells. When cells pull in calcuim, you get hardening, crystals and stones. Which means you are calcium deficit. The circulatory system, walls & arteries are hardened. Then the blood pressure goes up. All this is the result of eating dead food.

The premise of Twerk N Tone is to bring awareness to the cause of man made dis-eases, and the natural process of reversing every unnatural diagnosis (consult your doctor before incorporating any of these suggestions).

The woman is the healer of the land. Once she learns to heal herself, she will teach others and lead by example which will cause a ripple effect to humanity as a whole (says the images of my heart). Booty poppin, assolations and stripper shakin are just a few of our majic moves that expand personal Kundalini energy from the lower chakras, up beyond the crown. Causing the body to heal on the deepest levels. Through the cells. Healing the body in record time. This process pretty much explains the science behind Twerk N Tone Fitness in a nut shell.

Imagine a whole week of Twerk N Tone goodness, while exploring the island of Hawai'i on a big beautiful ship. That opportunity is here! Imagine fitness workshops, meditation experiences, twerk sessions, intro 2 herbs master mind chats and more.

Here's our mission. We need to confirm 15 cabins by March 15, 2018. We depart August 17, 2018 and return August 25, 2018. The 10% nonrefundable deposit is due by March 15, 2018. Any remaining amount is due April 15, 2018. If you are interested in attending, please call Joseph Abraham at 702.306.2394 or visit for additional details. Don't forget to mention Twerk N Tone as you book.

This cruise is created to celebrate the menaline-rich beauties of Las Vegas. Help me help you by booking you cabins today.

"We must take care of our bodies. It's the only olace we have to live in." -Unknown

I look forward to serving all of you.

Love n Lite

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