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I'm fuq'd up...

"I'm fuq'd up. Homie, you fuq'd up but if God got us then we gone be alright" -Kendrick Lamar

Most people know me as a bubble of sunshine & I'm quite proud of that. But my secret is, I have enough depressing shit playin in my background to drive several people stone crazy. And it did me, for a while... I won't go into the details here, but just know, it's been a hell of a journey. I had a few near death/fatally sick experiences, since childhood but throughout my life really. Then love affairs so consuming, I'm sure I died (a number of times). Add 2 children to that &, let's just say I learned to juggle. I had to become a master magician for the sake of my children.

Eventually, I got to such a dark state, submersed in the solitude of brokenness, I could hardly function. I was past tears and food. I wanted to give up air, but my children needed me. I began to read books like The Secret & any Lisa Nichols content I could find. Eventually I found my reckless thoughts silly & laughed my way to happiness. 1 nano second @ a time.



I recognize my happiness is a choice, & I choose to be blissfully, abundantly happy 24/7. The only being to always fully feel the magnitude of my choices is me. I remember how restricting my lifestyle once felt like & I vowed to never go back. I recognize how much better I physically feel when I think positively.

I'm also enjoying watching science take it course. I changed my thoughts, which changed language, which changed my mood, which changed my vibe. Everything I'm around responds to that. I'm in the best health of my life, everyday I'm reminded of new reasons to smile so even on my rough days no outside source can inspire me to leave my zone.

We all kno life happens. Did u kno u're producer/creator? (Sshhh... God told me )

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