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Soul Food

"Real Soul food is food that enhances the sol, our central sun, Our Melanin, our carbon.

Fruits Vegetables Grains , this is the Real Soul Food" -Dr. Sebi

Maintain good thoughts by eating good food can be a chore. Raw foods are some of the best resources for detoxing simply because the roughage. Roughage is the indigestiable portion of food derived from plants, known as dietary fiber.

Dietary fiber prevents constipation, lowers the risk of digestive conditions like heartburn, IBS, hemroids, and gastritis. It also lowers the blood cholesterol levels while controlling the blood sugar levels.

Consumption of roughage prevents colon cancer, fights the risk of developing diabetes, lowers the risk of heart disease and kidney stones. Consuming roighage also aids in weight loss.

How does one break into the wonderful world of raw foods? SaLaDs

Here's how I made my classic salad. Enjoy

You will need:

1 bunch of kale, well chopped

Sliced tri-colored peppers (red, orange, yellow)

Red onionCherry tomatoes

Dried cranberries Hemp seeds

Sunflower seeds (unslated/ roasted)

Diced Gala apples

Health Benefits:

Kale & tri colored peppers are great anti-inflammatory foods, that also aids cardiovascular support. Tri colored peppers have properties that help you fight free radicals (same for cherry tomatoes), environmental toxins and help you fight cancer. Especially prostate cancer in men (read more here:

Tomatoes are some of the best sources for lycopene, which is an antioxidant found effective in fighting prostate, lung and stomach cancer (read more here: Dried cranberries have anti cancer properties, prevents urinary tract infections & prevents dental problems.

Gala apples help prevent dementia, decrease cholesterol levels, fights lung, colon & prostate cancer. Hemp seeds aid in DNA repair, aids in repair & growth of lean body mass. It's an excellent source of essential fatty acids which prevent heart disease, diabetes & dementia. Sunflowers seeds are anti inflammatory. A good source of selenium & copper.

If your looking to start your detox journey, this is the salad for you.

The process of detoxing can be a heck of a journey. Here's another detox goodie. Press play & enjoy (

This salad was created honoring the lessons of Dr. Sebi. Even in other realms, he is still blessing us all.


<3Love n Light

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