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Words Have Power

Lately, I've been befriended by soooo many beings I didn't previously kno. Thanks to Social Media, my social circle is expanding more rapidly than when I initially began.

One consistent element I notice is when people greet me, they attempt to match my vibration. The use of their negative words often conflicted their message.

Simply saying "Hey. How are you doing?" is a practice that many deem 2 be foreign & dated. Well, I'm only 34 & I dwell from Chicago. Many see me as a trusted resource, because they see themselves in me. I'm loving the energy behind messages, however, I want to encourage awareness behind every word we use.

Continuing to engage with one another, spreading love & elevating one another's frequency by treating others the way we wanna be treated is key. At the same time, we must become more responsible w/our words. I'm promoting growth, unity, love & light. Not death, darkness, isolation & confusion.

Let's talk Etomology:

We often say the word "hello" but do we even know what ot means? Etomology inspires us to break the two syllable word down. Hell O. Reverse it and you have O Hell. This word has low vibrations, yet we go through our day saying it.

Good morning is another "loaded" phrase. Good implies it's something we like. Morning is defined as " the expression of deep sorrow for someone who has died, typically involving following certain conventions such as wearing black clothes.

"she's still in mourning after the death of her husband

". When I initially learned this lesson, I didn't fully comprehend the connection of words, thoughts and life. I began paying attention to my own vibrations, which inspired me to replaced "good morning" with "Early Rising". To me, this phrase says I have arisen from an Alpha state of rest on a soul level. Guiding me 2 engage w/the beautiful like hearted people of the world. Who'da thought words had this much power!?

We are the People & we have the power 2 change life 2 what we desire it 2 be. What do u wanna change? Meditate for 5 minutes & write out the thoughts that come to your mind after. How bad do u want what you wrote down? Being consciois of the words we use is the first step in successfully creating your own beautiful world.

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Peace Love Light

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