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To know thyself is to love thyself.

I have not ever loved myself before. Now, I am. I’d love to say this love was sudden and unexpected, but that would be nowhere near the truth.

My story is I’m a starseed, Heyoka empath crystal 2nd wave volunteer. I’ve run into all the gifts and curses those characteristics possess. My greatest curse was me believing that I’m not worthy of love.

I’d love to blame these feelings on someone else. At least then it would make sense. But that would be irresponsible to me, considering the level of research I’m familiar with about my characteristics. Very few humans publically relate to my description of myself. My most incomprehensible characteristic is my Lilith placement.

Lilith marks the empty space between the earth and the moon. Her story is an exploited, misunderstood figure of astrology. Lilith is noted to be Adam’s 1st wife, who was casted out of Eden for requesting to take the lead during sex. She’s named amongst “destroying angels”, “spirits of the bastards” & “goat demons”.

She represents the sexual energy women are inspired to hide, the anger women are advised to ignore & the lust we privately give into ongoing. This feminine energy astrological placement represents self love & protection in all people. This energy is about provoking.

Call on Lilith to release your Kundalini energy. Kundalini energy (aka the holy spirit) is the energy of your soul. This energy is usually trapped within the lower 3 chakras (root, sacral & solar plexus). Our chakras are our internal spinning lighthouses located along our center, from our root, thru our crown & into the ethers. Our lower 3 chakras are where our fear, shame and guilt reside. When we twerk, we release the stale energy these chakras host.

Eating consciously allows us to clean up the gunk within our chakras, allowing us to experience a full Kundalini awakening. Be prepared for what takes place. Lilith attracts partners or groups that have serious karma to work out. These relationships are known as soul mate connections, which may or may not have a happy ending. People with strong Lilith placement come together to inspire greatness in one another. No matter what. Passion & emotions will soar high. Pay attention to what the relationship is attempting to show you to release any disruption.

Lilith in signs like Pisces can relate to my empathic ways. Catch me on the right day & I’m crying quite frequently, virtually nonstop. They are hospitalized due to illnesses and dis-ease that are ideas rooted in their own disbelief of self. To read more about the different signs in the house of Lilith, click here:

I’m no healer. I’m simply sharing my personal path of self discovery and the stories for how I’ve healed myself. My theory is, if we can make peace with the dirtiest parts of our existence, we can diminish ideas of what’s good/bad- wrong/right and make peace with, and learn to celebrate what is.

If you continue to look and form opinions, you shall continue to suffer while enjoying whomever’s around, wishing their possessions were yours. This type of mentality is optional. If you desire to heal, watch this informative video


and become familiar with the science of who people are. If you are wondering what your Lilith placement is, reach out to me so I may assist you.

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Just by reading this blog, you have successfully accomplished step 1, in this ultimate healing of self journey. Congratulations! This meditation is perfect for restructuring the mind. Enjoy Starseed Tribe


Happy Awakening Beautiful Souls.

Love n Lite

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