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Be Proud of Ur Shadow

The natal chart is the hack for the psychology of any human. The chakra system is the hack for any huma's DNA, directly relating to their health. Using both resources together could provide us the answer for problems we didn't even realize we had.

I've been studying the science of natal charts for a couple years now. Lookin up this particular report allows me to innerstand the behavior, mentality & even perception of a particular human. I began my evaluation observing my children, my King & myself.

The report itself dishes alot of dirt. But lookin up individual houses is where the real answers can be found.

One of my greatest insecurities has been my sexuality. I could always sense men's attraction to me (family included) from a super young age. I always played my role, distracting them with conversation. Physically, I was blocking them away from me in every way imaginable.

Once I became sexually active, I always had a high sex drive. I'm selective with who I lay with. If u my dude, we gettin it in as much as humanly possible! I hold back alot. Sec is when I release myself and just be.

I've only had 2 boyfriends this lifetime. My King is the latest & he felt so good inside me, I vowed to change all my thuggish ways in exchange for his undying love.

To the outside World, I'm known to be the Gemini pop-off Queen named Ursula. My King is a Virgo & rooted in peace. He's the only one who's had the power to reach me in my angriest moments. His energy guides me to recenter myself & walk away from the foolishness. That's why he'll always be my King.

Unfortunately, he's too attached to the idea of being every1's night and shining armor. I'm the kinda woman who pays attention to details. Many of his stories simply never added up. Normally, I'd feel content chewing him up the way zi often did. Somehow, I always got lost in the judgments he passed during our biggest fights. Unfortunately, I could never stop hearing his criticisms, no matter how much time had gone by, despite us makin up. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why.

It was because I felt guilty. My King has been married to his wife for most of our relationship. Although we've never officially broken up before now, my King has roamed around like we have. I felt guilty, like I drove him to behave this way.

In his absence, I spent a lot of time alone. Just reflecting & sulking. Sometimes, I'd attract my own toys to compliment me on my looks & get some of my lovin. Problem was, they matched my same dense energy. So even though the situation was thrilling, I felt dirty lyin & sneakin around.

This forbidden, hiden behavior is related to my shadow self. The parts of my personality I'm not that proud of. Adam's 1st wife, Lillith is the name of this partucular house on the natal chart. Lillith tells why your dirty lil secrets are so shameful, according to society. Makin peace & celebrating your imperfections can lead you to the most liberated e experience 1 has ever witnessed.

My Lillth is in Sagittarius. Which means relationships with older & younger married men (this placement is not good for marriage), great breakup of global proportion are likely. We share our specific, fiery energy that not only inspires me to go into action, but everyone that comes in contact with me. I'm a lot to deal with, but people feel especially threatened when I'm ready to move on.

We demonstrate courage and the ability to highten our spirits. Only because we attract ridiculous experiences. We're likely to attract & survive lies, deceit, idolatry, illusions, dogmas, false teachers and prophets. Bottom line, we must learn trust our own knowledge, intuition, faith and reject the false identity others try to cage us in with.

Our imagination flies high, makin us true visionaries for the future. We're known to be astrologers, mystics, esoterists & movie directors (2 20th centry prophets, Emir Kusturica & Stephen Spielberg have this placement ).

We have problems communicating with the outside World, inspiring thoughts of no one comprehending our nature nor our hearts. All my life, I've worked tirelessly to earn the attention, love and favor of others. I began with my family. I angrily gave up on them and searched for a man to save me, which started in my tween yrs. I had to learn I was responsible for saving myself.

Questions of right, wrong, good, bad & morals guide us to criticize what simply is. Next time your made aware of a situation that's beyond you, meditate instead of venting or gossiping. Words are curses. Be careful of the ones you speak.

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Love n Lite Beauties.

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