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War on Mind

I have feared being a leader my whole life. I don't like direct attention. If you were to observe (study) me while all eyes were on me, you'd 1st notice clamy hands & feet. Then nervous body language, serious faces & a mean mug. Inside, my hearts beatin too fast, judgemental/restricting thoughts form within me & I'm trembling like a leaf. I tend to look mean because I can not emotionally afford to invite another Being in my space during these times.

I mean mug a lot. Which should speak to just how nervous I am on an ongoing basis. Personally doin the things this blog suggests has saved me from myself. May this majic has the same effect in you, in the image of your own mind's eye.

One of my natural super powers is that of EFFeCTIve CommunicatioN. My selection of words forces others to feel. Always have, always will. This is one of the ways I can see my fate of being a leader. In spite of the pressure to be perfect, informative & a good leader is a lot to live up to! Still, I'mma swallow my fear & make my next move. You'd never even know the difference.

Regardless of my restrictions, I still must share my messages. And so do you. We must all remember, we created a masterful masterplan of how to live a beautiful life before we entered this current life. All we have to do this lifetime is remember, by any means neccessary.

Step 1: Be aware of your environment.

We have survived all kinds of environmental controlling technology and toxins. External poisons like chemtrails, subliminal music, media & celebrity related dogma are outside barriers. But what about the poisons in our food? Our water? Our body, food & household products. Yet n still, all of us STiLL expected to awaken! This is not by accident.

I speak of spirituality A LoT! I suggest you read previous posts to become more familiar with my work. Spirituality has AlWayS saved me. I kno it'll save u too.

Step 2:

Meditate! Create a peaceful space w/in you that you can escape to, allowing you to recreate your current reality your way.

Let's say currently, your living under a lot of pressure. Your sad & detatched from yourself. Therefore you isolate yourself from others. Get physically quiet (don't say a word). Breathe deep. As u inhale, say positivity in, exhale say negativity out. Be sure to allow your breaths to be so deep, your stomach expands. As your body physically calms down, attach yourself to the visions of your minds eye.

Look out for step 3 in the next post

This is a war of ur mind Beauties . They wanna see who has more control. Them or you. Who you got? (I put infinite money on you! Who do you believe in?

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