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Ready 4 War

Whew! Now I feel like a stack of bricks has been lifted from my heart. I was directed to share this message w/you guys MoNthS ago, but I didn't feel confident. I had to re-learn the lessons I'm sharing now, to make it make sense to me. Now, I can say w/confidence, I'm ready for war. But what does that mean?

We all have our own interpretations of what scary shit translates to. This breaks down to a collection of internal values that's conflicted by external influences. Our rearing plays a vital role in our current thinking capabilities & limitstions. This reality allows us to recreate our scariest reality & create an ideal reality in its place.

Step 6: Re-Creating Reality

See urself as your fave super hero (Don't have 1? Make 1 up). Look at your current issue as a plot (ex: latest argument, lack of resources, nu order). Set the stage for both all good & all bad outcomes to come to fruition. Become present w/your emotions (no matter how intense). Touch your stomach & allow your heart to connect.

Find your very own words & express them with your hand over your tummy. Be sure that your words r direct, express your intention n remain full of love n lite. Once you've said your piece, become present thru your breaths. Give urself permission to forgive whomever & whatever. Finally, see a vision of you sprinkling majic dust on ALL things (good n bad). This allows you to add a lil you to all things you deem to be beautiful (whether we talkin natutal beauty or something you had to re-create).

Remember: Pick ur battles! I just unveiled a very effective spell. Be selective about how you use it.

This particular process is known 2 be a lil tricky. This is where your imagination meets your current reality. You must Be CareFUL, as you are a deliberate creator (whether u kno it or not). I personally dislike conflict of any kind, so I envision myself correcting my own habits which allows me to re-create my world. So far so good.

The time has come. You must ask yourself if you desire what's been created FoR you, or if ur bold enough to create yo shit, yo self. The choice is yours.

Love n Lite Beautiful Ones

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