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The Wonderful World of Water

Congratulations to all of you for taking your health to the next level. Collectively, we're eating better, taking time to breathe and increasing your daily water intake. Our bodies appreciate our efforts immensely.

Have you noticed the variety in the water aisle these days? Our options include drinking, distilled, purified, spring, sparkling, and flavoured waters. Many people feel like water is water. That's the most dangerous mindset one can have.

Here's the gag. Only spring water hydrates the cells.

Here's a breakdown of the types of a variety of water and what they do to the human body. Keep this list in mind as you continue to improve your daily health.

Distilled Water- Dead water. According to Wikipedia: Distillation involves boiling the water and then condensing the steam into a clean container. Imagine getting water from some un-named source. Imagine how dirty that water is initially. The older women in my family taught me to boil water to purify it. Distilled water is packaged, dirty water that's been boiled for purification. The boiling effect does not make this water acceptable for our cells.

Purified Water- Purified water is water that comes from any source that's cleaned via carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, distillation & dionization processes. Sure, the potentially harmful chemicals are removed. Beneficial benefits are also alleviated. Making purified water dangerous for our cells.

Drinking Water- This is water intended for drinking. The water comes from municipal resources & contains poison like fluoride. Fluoride is one of the most dangerous sources for damaging our pineal glad. The pineal glad is located between the eyes & gives us the ability to see things as they truly are. Calcification prevents our pineal gland from functioning properly. Consuming drinking water slows down & eventually alleviates these abilities almost single handedly. Avoid fluoride at all costs. Especially in water.

Sparkling Water- Aka Soda or Seltzer Water is water that's added carbon dioxide gas under pressure, if man made. Natural sparking mineral water is of a naturally occuring mineral spring. The bubbles can naturally occuring in the water. I have yet to research this water because bubbles make me cautious. But if it came from a spring, it's supposed to be safe water, untampered with by man. When we start talking man man bubbly water, things get dangerous. Bubbles sound cool in theory, but they could be holding volumes of poison.

Seltzer water is man made bubble water that has uses carbon dioxide to achieve the bubble effect. When we breath, we inhale the oxygen & exhale the carbon dioxide by nature. I would think drinkin the same gases we breathe out is counter productive to our health. But hey, maybe I'm wrong.

Spring Water- Is water that's come from a water spring. Water springs are underground water resources of the only water I consider clean by nature. Spring water is the only water resource that hydrates the cells. Our cells are the most basic part of our existence. Studies from NRDC reveal coliform, arsenic, phthalates traces in some spring water choices.

Ultimately, everything we eat and drink these days have traces of poison. Our objective should be to consume as little of these poisons as possible. When we eat alkaline foods, we allow our insides to clean. Which allows for our miraculous healin to take place.

Our body naturally discards junk & dangerous materials. Help your body function at it's optimal capacity by eating food and drinking drinks that restore overall health.

This is day 4 of our Eat To Live Challenge. Be sure you are takin pix of everything you are eating and drinkin for 3 more days. Drink a minimum of 64 ounces of spring water a day. Share this challenge with anyone who can benefit. It's free. If you post your pixs, tag @_HelloMyNameIsAngela & @TwerkNTone on IG & @Hello My Name Is Angela on FB. Use hashtag #HealChallenege. Next week, we'll talk about the effects these foods have on the mind, soul & human body.

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