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Eat to Live Challenge: Day 7

Early Rising Beauties

Wish I had loads of sunshine 2 sprinkle in this moment. Instead I brought some insight. My desire is for every reader to grow with every word shared.

As a love master, ego-less, (ex)victimized (ex)villian, I find myself in peculiar emotional situations OfTeN! This is because the Universe is attempting to teach me lessons I'm resistant to.

I tend to let my passion for complete equality, love & support theme my every breath. In description, I sound lovely but in reality, I can be intense af.

Although I will entertain anyone, I HaTe small talk. I'm over fakeness. I only desire 2 interact w/other gut feelin lovas like myself. Ya kno, the high vibin, peace preachin, unconditional loving visionaries. They used to be hard to come by, but many (including myself) r beginning to peak thru.

But what happens when ur personal squad is standing on the ground, watchin u fly, pullin ur wings?

Would u

A. Go back, stay n conform

B. Go back, attempt to put them on your back & fly together or

C. Fly off?

My victimized ego often inspires me to flee. I'm da Runaway Bride, frfr. I'm currently learning to over come that, while teachin others how to treat me, but this shit's noooo cakewalk.

Life has also taught me I can't fit the world on my back. There's not even room for my twin flame or children. My back is a single passenger, drop top, foreign thang! I've just begun the process of honoring it, for the 1st time in my life. N ya wanna kno what? No matter how bad I've fuq'd up, I still embrace myself. Picture a beautiful, multi colored, big phoenix w/wings that cover the sky, flying high while lovin on this flesh being, I would identify as myself

If your on the same phase, lean into your support group. The most devine feminine/masculine Beings have been runnin to my call for the last few days & I appreciate that. They inspire me 2 keep believing.

I still see/believe in my visions. I just ReFuSe to play myself small. This is what self love looks like. (Kisses self on lips). I'm bout 2 dance. Shake this energy off. Y'all have a blissful day & thanks for honoring my vent

Are you ready to face yourself? Review this video showing you the way. Enjoy

Today is day 7 of our eat to live challenge. We're reviewing the basics of healing your chakras. To participate, simply:

☑ Take pix of everything you eat & drink all day

☑ Drink a min of 64 oz Spring water today

☑Share this challenge with anyone who will find the info valuable.

Extra credit:

Post pix of your plate tagging @TwerkNTone on IG & @Hello My Name Is Angela on FB.

We'll talk about the results in week 2.

Following this challenge will improve the perception of man kind, one human at a time. Are you ready for this challenge? Comment below n let a Godis kno

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