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Early Rising Beauties

I want to take some time to communicate with your soul. Have you ever had those life moments where EveryThinG is goin right? The moments when you take a second to ask yourself if what ur experiencing is too good to be true? On the flip-side, have you ever lived your very own nightmare? Which reality will you commit to?

I learned at a VeRy young age, that our mind has to create our outter reality, on a mental level 1st. Then, we get to experience our creation, thru our thoughts & felt via our emotions. The lessons life used to drill these invaluable theories within me were intense! But I get it, I get it (I SwEAr dat I get it). If I take a moment to reflect, I wouldn't change a single thing cuz even the pain provided pressure to my coal & now I'm a MuFuq'n diamond .

I normally get all long winded w/my personal testimonies. It's imperative that you all kno not only the content of my character, but the color of my heart. I been thru Hell in hot water, but I'm flying right now. LiTeraLLy, every last one of my dreams have or are comin true. Which makes for a dope, yet lonely reality.

I wanna invite you Beauties to join me . Everyone deserves this brand of happiness! But 1st, we gotta take out the garbage & leave a bunch of stuff behind. But don't fret. There's bigger n better just before you

I've noticed, we as a society, don't really give ourselves permission to fail, connect, be truthful nor grow. We cover up our ReaL realities n floss some fake bs like it's da gospel. That ain't the move People. I can't say I kno the key to all life's secrets, but I desire to share what I do kno

Steps To Manifest A Beautiful Life

Step 1: Connection

To creating a beautiful life, we must be real, which can be uncomfortable. This process requires wakin up the feelings we've numbed within urself. We must engage in some awkward conversations, say some words we've been avoiding. Better yet, say the words we've been too afraid to say. You may not be able to see the beauty those actions will create. But it's there #Trust

We r ALL Master Creators, creatin our own shit, our very own way. Connection is the 1st step.

Enjoy today's YouTube video

Today is day 1 of week 2 of our Eat To Live Challenge. Last week, we snapped pictures of everything we ate & drank.

(I'll post my weekend review in an upcommibg blog).

This week, let's focus on eliminating snacks in between meals. Can you do it? I believe in you. What do you believe in? Comment below and let a Godis kno.

Love n Lite

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