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The Phases of Being A Deliberate Intentional Creator

I don't know about you all, but I have been working on my ability to manifest the perfect day for a few years now. I've succeeded in manifesting dream days, but my dream days are followed by droughts of unfortunate realities. That's normally when I run & hide within myself, while being hella bitchy to the outside world. The illusion of fear used to have me shook.

The Summer if 2016, I got sick of feeling this way while pretending to be perfect and happy. I paused all of my entrepreneur accomplishments in Vegas and set on a quest to find, make peace with & unify with my soul, in Miami.

I felt supported due to the many hours of motivational speakin I'd buried myself in. All the philosophers and motivational speakers I tuned into talked about how they successfully create their dream life using the Law of Attraction. Lisa Nichols, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Oprah, Osho & especially Abraham Hicks were amongst my favorites.

Each one of them had different philosophies, but the same bottom line. Following their guidance led me directly to my divine self. My connection was great, as long as I ate consciously. Eating sugar, fried foods, baked goods and the sort morphed me into an emotional basket case! I needed to get cool with my soul so I could heal this part of myself. I been raisin hell since I got here.

I'm grateful for the professional achievements I have accomplished thus far this lifetime. However, Mommyhood is my greatest focus. My Miami experience offered me a sneak peak of what my life could be like, if I chose to walk away from entrepreneurship and become the Mom society said I had to be.

My journey boiled down to me being able to accept others treating me as bad as I treated myself on the inside. Tge answer was no. Even though enduring it all would have made more peaceful circumstances for everyone else. I felt like my life was a lie and I could no longer take it.

When I initially made this decision, it was a flash & very explosive. I could no longer accept people telling me I had no right to speak on my own life. They could no longer take my curt expressive manner.

I was not mindful of the experience and allowed the cards to fall where they may. Physically fighting my King & his family forced me to respect my personal power as a deliberate intentional creator.

After the fight, I was kicked out. My belongings defaced and thrown in the rain. All of the shelters refused me. So I slept on the beach that night. I was dropped off around 1pm.

As I replayed everything that happened, my usual ability to forgive and forget was tainted. My King continuously called but I wanted nothing to do with him. For maybe 9 hours, I just prayed & listened. I was too anxious to meditate.

Just when the silence was growing louder, I attracted the most kind female cop who truly looked out for me. We talked a nice portion of the night. She even found a safe place for me to sleep.

Because I gave myself permission to see a beautiful reality, no matter my circumstances, I attracted that reality. This taught me there are phases to successfully being a deliberate intentional creator.

Ok, you've endured the goury details of my journey. Are you ready to begin your own? Conscious eating is key.

Eat To Live Challenge(wk2 day 2)

Conscious Snacks(2 wk journey)

What we eat we become. Soo many of us eat 3 meals a day & snack 2-4 times a day (generally). This week, let's focus on eating health conscious snacks. Here are this weeks guidelines:


☑Dried fruit & regular fruits r great! Make sure they have real seeds.

☑ Nuts & nut bars Are you ready to control your own life? Food must be our focus Clear are a must! 2 of week 2 of

☑Gelato instead of ice cream.

☑Tea and fruit juice (not from concentrate) are essential.

☑ Avoid the foods I didn't mention

☑Drink 64 ounces of spring water daily

☑Share this challenge with everyone you know.

Xtra Credit

Post pictures of your snacks, tagging @TwerkNTone via IG & @Hello My Name Is Angela via FB.

Use #HealChallenge

Our healing journey is beautiful. If you're just beginning allow my silly errors and bought sense to inspire you to your own personal greatness. I believe in you. What do you believe in?

Happy Healin Babes

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