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The Natural Beauty of Manifestation

When life sux, it's real easy for us to shift the blame on someone else. But that's soooo wrong! We have to 1st acknowledge the contribution we paid to the issue. When I review my own behavior, I see my contribution/s, in some capacity, to my own unhappiness. I desire to create another, better feeling reality. And ya kno what? Not only is it possible, but I can prove the scientifically qualifies of it's impossible nature

If you consider the reality of you (Devine Self) preplanning your entire life (including all past lifetimes), you KnOw you created aLL things to be fabulous & devine. Everything AlWAyS works out for it's greater good in ur world. However,

sometimes living in the physical world inspires us to pay attention to the lies of life.

If you're currently facing a wall, remember, you made that wall for a reason. Instead of crashin into the wall countless times, sit in front of it, spark up a joint & explore the lesson/s you need to remember. In that very moment, agree to:

Honor the lesson themselves.

Make peace with what's hurting you.

Release all things unpleasant that don't serve your highest and greatest good.

Allow the Universe 2 gift you with an upgraded version of what u released.

Your energy field needs to be clear to successfully manifest that last point. Spiritual baths are your tools for this. Shop our store and order your yoni steams and/or hyssop baths.

I'm a livin witness to this shit workin. Try it out & see for urselves. Keep me posted on your path.

Here's the perfect vid for supreme for supreme guidance. Enjoy

Eat To Live Challenge(wk2 day 3)

Conscious Snacks(2 wk journey)

What we eat we become. Soo many of us eat 3 meals a day & snack 2-4 times a day (generally). This week, let's focus on eating health conscious snacks. Here are this weeks guidelines:


☑Dried fruit & regular fruits r great! Make sure they have real seeds.

☑ Nuts & nut bars Are you ready to control your own life? Food must be our focus Clear are a must! 2 of week 2 of

☑Gelato instead of ice cream.

☑Tea and fruit juice (not from concentrate) are essential.

☑ Avoid the foods I didn't mention

☑Drink 64 ounces of spring water daily

☑Share this challenge with everyone you know.

Xtra Credit

Post pictures of your snacks, tagging @TwerkNTone via IG & @Hello My Name Is Angela via FB.

Our healing journey is beautiful. If you're just beginning allow my silly errors and bought sense to inspire you to your own personal greatness. I believe in you. What do you believe in?

Happy Healin Babes

Love n Lite

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