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The Unfortunate Side Of Love (pt 2)

Our resentment for our Mom's made us a vibrational match. But our frequencies were different. 7 years was long enough for me to get annoyed with his games. In my eyes, he didn't love himself as much as I did. Which forced me to be debilitating by default. Our relationship ended because I was overwhelmed by the pain we created.

We created our child just before the curtains closed on our love experience. In theory, I was and still am honored to have combined my DNA with his to create a perfect child. Unfortunately, we both have a weakness for small details and white smoke.

These days, we don't really speak. Unless u count the times I'm cussin him out for his negligent behaviour. I've birthed a son since we broke up. This reality still shatters him. Seemingly, as a man. He took a 7 yr hiatus from our daughter. He's been around a couple years now & thinks big gifts & sporadic phone calls

can make up for the pain his absence has caused. Not just in our daughter, but me as well (product of perception).

I wish I knew the logic behind his decisions. We both know direct, effective communication would resolve all issues. He's from Chicago. He has immense spiritual abilities. I believe in his power.

I choose to believe we're simply processing too much pain to bring this reality to fruition. Right now... I been close to his 5D self since we met. The ego of his 3D over rides any peace we could have established. I always wondered why that is. Instead if oay attention to petty differences, I journey through science to discovery the science of the nucleus of our issues. He was one of my greatest focuses for learning the anatomy of perception.

I was his greatest confidant. The one he made his confessions to. In his mind, because I took away my body, I took away my love. I disagree. However, I can see his point.

Elliott works hard and gives himself permission to treat himself to take out food. Regularly. He's a social drinker. He may have a glass of wine with dinner a few times a week, or a bottle of Cirac to help him turn up. It just depends on his mood.

Many of us see ourselves in the description I just shared. What's the harm in a thick steak and potatoes for dinner, accompanied by a glass of wine?

Parasites, acid and mucus.

The foods we eat force our bodies to have internal explosions, ongoing. I was eatin McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's during our most explosive fights. I've been clean for about 4 years now. The pattern of my thoughts have completely changed.

As genius as the human body is, it can't keep up with the acidic foods we keep feeding it. Collectively, we fail to allot adequate time and practices for healin, simply because we can't stop eating. Most foods we eat cause emotional numbness. As a society, we are addicted to not feeling.

We crave certain foods because we lack certain things emotionally. Add the fact that Elliott is a Leo and you may get a better picture. Leos are passionate creatures who are driven by love. Leos are some of the greatest lovers this World has ever seen. However, their Egos keep them covered up. Remember, the ego is the fake persona made to protect that particular human (product of perception).

In a perfect World, Elliott would become aware of himself and do the necessary work to heal himself. Our perception is comprised of our parents DNA & the food we eat. I can attest to the reality that Elliott has emotional traumas that require healing. Him healing himself would heal on a generational level. Benefiting not only him, but his ancestors, our daughter and any of his future children.

Elliott is a karmic lifer with hella lifetimes under his belt. Things like exercise, meditation and eating consciously would guide him to be the human he was created to be.

Many of us suffer with an unsound perception regarding life because we have emotional traumas to heal. All the wellness practices in the world won't heal an angry creature. Eating consciously allows our organs, cells & brains to breath, unlike 85-95% of the major food group. All life forms require breath (product of perception)

This eat to live challenge is my effort at offering healing insight to creatures like Elliott. Join in. It's free!

Eat To Live Challenge(wk. 2 day Conscious Snacks(2 wk. journey)

What we eat we become. Soo many of us eat 3 meals a day & snack 2-4 times a day (generally). This week, let's focus on eating health conscious snacks. Here are this weeks guidelines:


☑Dried fruit & regular fruits r great! Make sure they have real seeds.

☑ Nuts & nut bars Are you ready to control your own life? Food must be our focus.

☑Gelato instead of ice cream.Gelato is made with more health conscious ingredients. Makin the transition to nice cream smooth an easy.

☑Kettle Chips over Potato Chips

These days, potato chips have some of ThE most dangerous ingredients a human body can consume. Eventually, we need to phase chips out (do you know how most industrialized potatoes are grown!?)

☑Tea and fruit juice (not from concentrate) are essential. Make your teas with spring water so your cells can breath of distilled so your body can detox. Avoid high fructose corn syrup like your life depends on it.

☑ Avoid the foods I didn't mention

☑Drink 64 ounces of spring water daily

☑Share this challenge with everyone you know.

Xtra Credit

Post pictures of your snacks, tagging @TwerkNTone via IG & @Hello My Name Is Angela via FB.

Our healing journey is beautiful. If you're just beginning allow my silly errors and bought sense to inspire you to your own personal greatness. I believe in you. What do you believe in?

Happ Healin Babes

Love n Lite

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