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Communication Thru Stepping

I chose a royal family to be born into. My family is extremely close knit. We're all founded on unconditional love. I have 3 Mums. 1 who birth me, my Aunt (my literal & legal guardian) & my Granny. The 3 of them give me the best direction a human can request.

I learned to step when I was 2. I immediately learned steppin is a beautiful, silent language of lovers. That's what got me hooked.

The man is traditionally the leader. The woman follows. But, the psychology is MuCh deeper than that.

Men don't communicate verbally as much as women do. Stepping teaches me to be still enough to receive the man's direction. While being confident enough to bring beauty to our moves. My movements must be so smooth, I appear to be poised enough to allow my partner to celebrate me while I honor myself.

This dance teaches women to be confident while teaching men how to lead. We dance away all insecurities & just keep practising until u can't tell 1 body from the other.

I'm a pretty stepper, but I'm limited in my abilities bc I have trust issues. Especially regarding men. Bear in mind, my masculine experiences have been pretty shitty. I didn't have the courage to truly follow a man til 35. Now,I'm learning to trust... N I don't kno how I feel about that...

I'm workin my ass off to connect with my divine feminine qualities. My aunt AlwayS comes thru & supports whatever I'm dealin with. She a loving, talented & patient Cancer..... She inspires me 2 ditch my fears & just do it! Whatever it is...

When I was speakin of the disconnects I have w/my family a few months back, I was healin my internal fear, shame & guilt experiences they influenced. Because my people love me unconditionally, they find new ways to support me. Which allows me to see we are a team. That's deeper & doper than just being family.

Dancing is one of the many ways I celebrate my family & it heals us past words every time. Go out of ur way to dance with a family member today. Even if all you have is a picture. There is power in family love

Enjoy this video that gives a visual for the seamless beauty in Chicago styled steppin

Eat To Live Challenge

This challenge is my effort at offering healing insight to creatures like me. Learning to heal from immense emotional pain. Come learn how to illuminate numbing foods. It's free! What do you have to loose?

Eat To Live Challenge(wk.2 day 6) Conscious Snacks(2 wk. journey)

What we eat we become. Soo many of us eat 3 meals a day & snack 2-4 times a day (generally). This week, let's focus on eating health conscious snacks. Here are this weeks guidelines:


☑Dried fruit & regular fruits r great! Make sure they have real seeds.

☑ Nuts & nut bars Are you ready to control your own life? Food must be our focus.

☑Gelato instead of ice cream.Gelato is made with more health conscious ingredients. Makin the transition to nice cream smooth an easy.

☑Kettle Chips over Potato Chips

These days, potato chips have some of ThE most dangerous ingredients a human body can consume. Eventually, we need to phase chips out (do you know how most industrialized potatoes are grown!?)

☑Tea and fruit juice (not from concentrate) are essential. Make your teas with spring water so your cells can breath of distilled so your body can detox. Avoid high fructose corn syrup like your life depends on it.

☑ Avoid the foods I didn't mention

☑Drink 64 ounces of spring water daily

☑Share this challenge with everyone you know.

Xtra Credit

Post pictures of your snacks, tagging @TwerkNTone via IG & @Hello My Name Is Angela via FB.

Our healing journey is beautiful. If you're just beginning allow my silly errors and bought sense to inspire you to your own personal greatness. I believe in you. What do you believe in?

Happ Healin Babes

Love n Lite

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