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I won't apologize

All my life, I have been working tirelessly to appease some invisible superior entity that everyone around me was also following. Being the oldest of 5, I learned early that life had rules and if you respect them, you win things. My grandma was the best depiction to study for learning this law. That's why I'd fight any battle to be around her.

My Granny's gorgeous! Average height, eloquent dancer, superb singer, astonishing cook, business mastermind & ultimate lover. She's a Leo so her fire like presence can freeze any heart, conquer any soul or both. Love's done a number on her tho. Studying my granny helps me innerstand the struggle of the melanin-rich wombmen. Knowing her truth, from early childhood to present inspires me to not only respect her to the highest degree. But acknowledge the powerful strength embodied by the melanin-rich wombman. Which inspires me to dig deep within myself to use my own.

Granny has 2 daughters. My Mom & her sister who's 2 yrs younger. She's very hard working, tall & super beautiful. I always admired how she communicates with men. I always saw men as something like toys. Her guidance inspired me to see more. Her love and admiration for the Being themselves resulted in the best results communication could manifest. Before she married, she had maad suitors. I never witnessed her forcing them to any conclusion. Instead, she'd suggest her requests in a way that kinda allowed the men to see her requests as their own idea. She's such a graceful dancer. I always channel her energy when I dance to keep me calm.

My Mom is a rebel. She's totally an original thinker. Highly intelligent & astonishingly beautiful. She's the opposite of her Mom & sister. Not really a dancer (in public). Very talkative. Extremely intelligent. Unfortunately, it feels like her heart is always fighting some catastrophic, yet imaginary war. She's the perfect allie. But don't cross her. She's such a keen observer she will become your mirror and speak life to the very thing you work hardest to hide. She's a quick learner & she rides for her family like no one you have ever seen. She raised all 4 of her children on the North Side of Chicago, which afforded us more opportunities than she had. Growing up on the West Side made her more if a fighter than she came here to be. As an Aries, she's straight fire. All passion. She has the biggest heart you'll ever encounter, but her perception is that of a 15 year old. That was her age when her whole life changed. She's been living her path gracefully, but she's taken quite a few blows.

I am a beautiful mixture of the above Godis natured beings. I chose to be birthed through this family so I can share the stories, insight and experiences I've lived through. Because I am unapologetically 3 beautiful, spiritual Beings, I threaten many people I encounter. Especially women. Especially in the melanin-rich community. I make no apologies for my nature. Learn the secrets of my greatness and use them to tap into your own. Or keep doin what you're doin. Just make sure whatever you're doin feels good!

I shared the shadows of my family because that's what I'm healing from. Seeing the beauty in our entire exchange has not only unfrozen my heart, but freed my soul. Their shadows are really my own. Makin peace with my aunts affectionate nature, my Mom's fire-y love & mt Granny's delicate heart is allowing me to mature on levels I've never explored.

My greatest wish is to upgrade their perception. Because my perception was "they rarely listen to me", I began posting online. We're in week 3 of our Eat to Live challenge because we are currently living in a very sensitive time. Energetically, our bodies are being upgraded.

Enjoy this YouTube vid goin over basic energy info 9 months ago

If we simply fueled our body with resources it could use effectively, our internal war would end, balanced health would be established and eternal joy would be attainable. This is the missing link my family needs to conquer our reality. If my whole family needs this info, my whole community does to. Here's this weeks guidelines:

Eat To Live Challenge (wk 3 day 2)

Conscious Snacks (wk2 of 6)

Last week, we focused on our snacks being the more conscious option. This week, we are focusing on elimination. All this week, we will not eat/drink:


Pop (soda)

Juice made from concentrate




Ice cream


Fast Food


Fried Foods

Continue takin pix of ur meals

Drink 64 oz of Spring Water Daily

Share this free challenge w/everyone you know.

Post pix of your conscious snacks & tag @TwerkNTone on IG, @Hello My Name Is Angela on FB.

Use hashtag #HealChallenge

Reward Experiment

Surviving a week of restricted eating inspires cheating, by nature. Allow yourselves to be reward with eating one of the above mentioned poisons, if you so desire. Sometimes, shit happens & we're unable to properly follow the guidelines. Forgive yourself and begin anew when your ready. Dive deep into your fear, shame and/or guilt. Journal your thoughts. Love yourself to release anything that hurts & begin again when you are ready.

The cool thing about life is we get to press restart a billion times. And just when we think we're running out, we can start all over again.

Happy Healin Babes

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