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Black Widow

Here's yet another secret made public about me...

I'm naturally comparable to a black widow when it comes to men. Honestly, I've always seen how much of a slave most men are for sex & that devalued them in my eyes. I'm healin from compartmentalize people as a whole.

As a natural observer, I pay close attention to people & their intentions before I make my next move. If I find a man desirable, I scan his soul, determine if I wanna be bothered. And if I do, I enjoy him & throw him away before he can do the same to me. All is fair in love n war, right?

No matter how beautiful the heart of that particular man is, if he's a sucka for his stick, I treat him accordingly. N neva look back...

Until my King that is...

Before my King, I viewed all men as toys. My biological father showed me how crazy passion can transform a man to being. My bonus Dad showed me what lack of boundaries produces in relationships. Uncles & cousins schooled me on male psychology & matters of the heart.

Because of them, I yearned for my own man to lead me thru life. Since my King, I'm willing to dig beyond the surface & see what's within the creature themselves.

Although my King & I have been through crazy realities, the best surprise was what I found hiding within his heart. My King was hiding the most beautiful heart I've ever witnessed a human possessing. Let alone a man. Who knows what else I'll discover by being open to men & their love in general?

I have an under stimulated root chakra, so sex isn't really a big thing to me. Although I respect & appreciate the exchange of sex itself, I find it over rated. N if I find ur ruled by it, I will have my way with you & toss you aside as I journey forward.

Gemini sun, Libra moon/rising allows me to make the most rough exchanges pleasant. But my tactics are intense. I've been tellin on myself a while now. No man before my King has been able to crack my code.

Just felt like sharing...

Here's a YouTube vid breakin down my thoughts further. Enjoy

Learning to value people the way I wanna be valued is new to me. Healing my chakras allows me to upgrade my thinking and birth realities I agree with. We heal our chakras simply by eating food that oxygenates our inner existence. We're 3 wks into each of you doin the same for yourselves. Here's the daily message for our journey.

Eat To Live Challenge (wk 3 day 4)

Conscious Snacks (wk2 of 6)

Last week, we focused on our snacks being the more conscious option. This week, we are focusing on elimination. All this week, we will not eat/drink:


Pop (soda)

Juice made from concentrate




Ice cream


Fast Food


Fried Foods

Continue takin pix of ur meals

Drink 64 oz of Spring Water Daily

Share this free challenge w/everyone you know.

Post pix of your conscious snacks & tag @TwerkNTone on IG, @Hello My Name Is Angela on FB.

Use hashtag #HealChallenge

Reward Experiment

Surviving a week of restricted eating inspires cheating, by nature. Allow yourselves to be reward with eating one of the above mentioned poisons, if you so desire. Sometimes, shit happens & we're unable to properly follow the guidelines. Forgive yourself and begin anew when your ready. Dive deep into your fear, shame and/or guilt. Journal your thoughts. Love yourself to release anything that hurts & begin again when you are ready.

The cool thing about life is we get to press restart a billion times. And just when we think we're running out, we can start all over again. Follow us on social media (IG: @TwerkNTone & FB @Hello My Name Is Angela) to learn the daily tips. I believe in each of you. Am I alone!?

Happy Healin Babes



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