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Peace Fam

I rose feelin SooOoo AlivE! This is the greatest feelin ever ! Cherish the gift of life. Fore, it is exactly what u make it (so make it good n be happy )

Did you kno I'm shy!?... Yea. I am. Actually, I fear being judged. So, I've learned to shrink myself & observe. 34 yrs of doin this while focusing on relationships (of all magnitudes), law, food, medicine, politics, spirituality, money, love, business, hair (to name a few) has morphed me to quite the expert.

This is the youngest I've ever seen myself. Before the braces, I couldn't believe I was the same person. Nowadays, I see it.

I did the whole Ugly Betty 6 yrs in braces, pimple face w/glasses, angry thing for a looooong time thing. I thought I was sooooo ugly! I hid my body with baggy clothes & hid my face with Brandy braids my whole childhood. I'm HeLLa guarded cuz I don't do judgements of any kind, so I kinda stayed to myself or in a small group. Life sucked... But, I had a dope body tho .

I had to learn to shed those lies & judgements away & let my truth shine thru. Thanks to forgiveness meditation sessions, I've realize I'm the same Being I was in my beginning.

Do you remember your majic? I challenge you to connect with the youngest/purest image of yourself, by doin the following.

**Puff and/or sage just before


Baby Pic


1. Look at pic 90 seconds straight.

2. Observe all details.

3. Emotionally connect w/the image

4. Begin generating lovin thoughts

5. Channel ur heart (chakra)

6. Lookin in mirror, repeat steps 2-5

7. Radiate pure love n pure light from pic, thru mirror reflection (vice versa) for 2 mins

8. Complete session by saying

"Today's the best day EveR! How good can it get?"

9. Enjoy ur majic

Comment below every time you manifest something, be it big, medium, small. Let a sista kno we workin together . (FYI: that unity also gives us waaaaaay more personal power, cuz more than 1 spirit body is holding down the 'communicative thought' yet creating separately on it's behalf)



Stay tuned for awesome updates & have a Fuq'N Blissful day

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