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Don't judge a book

Lemme share a lesson about judgin others.

So, a few yrs back, I was ticketed for expired plates. When the officer did his routine check bs, I realized the insurance card wasn't in the car. On court day, I presented everything they needed & was still fined. Which felt like the end of my world.

My partnership with the City of Las Vegas was dope af, but hardly paid anything. My King was across the country, servin his probation in the state the crime was committed & the only resources I had was what I attracted. Plus I was studying private law @ night & barely sleeping. Meanwhile, my family was pressuring me to make better decisions that paid much more than I was earning. I was livin in a constant state of paranoia & my most scary thought was me ending up in jail for X amt of years. I prayed, meditated & took spiritual baths til I saw "a sign".

Ond of my past clients is a bondsman. Suddenly, I spied my sign. I told her of my delima & she came to my rescue. Soon after we signed the required papers, I began researching the private way to remedy my issue. Before I knew it, time was up & I had to do this whole bond thing again. Now, this is my 1st life. I didn't fully comprehend the terms of our agreement, which was/is my responsibility. The clock was tickin & I felt pressured to hurry up & fix it, so I did. I was simply following my hearts guidance. Bottom line, I was fined a lot of money I didn't have, so I agreed to do community service to pay off my debts.

When I shared the news, everyone was pissed, but I was excited. I saw this as a new adventure. I was sent to clean up my fave part of Downtown Las Vegas. It was the dopest experince eva cuz that's my fave part of town. I found myself using off days & any time off cleaning the streets which I totally didn't mind. I met some uber dope people I wouldn't have met otherwise.

After about 6 wks of serving, I realized the shysters that run this part of The City hardly calculated my accurate time, so I said fuq it & stopped goin.

It's 1.5 yrs later & this lady has moved fwd w/legal action against me. Which I get. She likes my posts from time to time, which I think is fake af. Never once has she contacted me to clear the air. It seems she feel violated in some way. Idk how. We don't communicate.

This woman was workin w/me to balance her energy & eat consciously for a short while. I never judged her, but I knew the hateful, jealous energy she possessed, only cuz it matched my own. As much as she wants to like me, I represent the part of her she runs from most, so we're enemies.

I'm still figuring this whole law thing out, but I did file an injunction (feel free to research the term) about a yr ago, which protects me from being arrested. I send her love, even tho it feels like she's sendin me the opposite.

I'm sure in her mind, she's takin a stand to prevent people from walkin all over her. I innerstand that. I see her soul. Her past experiences. Her love & family life revealed her karma to me. Instead of returning her toxic vibes, I choose to love her essence limitlessly as I journey forward. Life can be difficult for all of us. I would never intentionally add to her detriment.

What got me to this space? Love! Conscious eating cleared the illusions certain foods present. Alkaline plant based foods awakends our numb souls. Are you ready to explore your own journey?

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