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Mommy & Me

So when I tell y'all I'm living my best life....

New Earth is here & Gaia is showin out. 4.17, I became more present than ever. It started with my Mom askin me to help her get dressed. I was thinking it was for normal day to day stuff. I was an emotional mess. I usually distract myself serving others so I'm too busy to cry. When I do cry, I'm usually cleaning .

My son had something to tell me. His eyes told me his message was a big deal in his world. With him all the way in Miami, I had to be very cautious of worrying in any way. Magnifying any fear, shame or guilt related thoughts I could gather up could manifest something I totally don't want. So I allowed myself a chance to cry as I directly addressed any fearful thoughts that came up.

By the time I made it upstairs, I was my normal, bubbly self ready 2 help. My Mom was nearly done & about to work on her makeup. Her knee healing process has been tough on her. It's been amazing watching her fight through. She told me she was goin to a lunch + learn & I began to congratulate her. My Mom is a PR extraordinaire. I'm proud of her for doin her personal work of remembering & honoring who she authentically is. I asked if she was gonna be ok to go alone (she walks w/a cane & sometimes a walker). Her eyes got big & she invited me. Which made my day.

My Mom created Needle on the Record along way back. She invited me to join in 2012 & 12.12.12, we had our 1st show. Needle on the Record is a blog talk radio show that focuses on our love for music. We're both Angelas w/very different ways of thinkin. Plus we're mother & daughter. We've covered Soul Train, Hoodies, BET Experience, private concerts & shows. It's hella dope to be in Vegas, actively participating in my Mom's waking dreams.

I accepted. Got dressed & we drove to Bone Fish & Grill in Town Square. Just before we exit the car, she tells me it's a weed luncheon. The angels never sang louder in my ear. I was beyond elated

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