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Just to Get By

So, this week has proven to take me even deeper in my healing experince than I ever anticipated. Last week, I remembered that I am from Shabala, but that's pretty much it. I'm open to more self exploration & beautiful discoveries about myself.

My week started off with an intense healing experince on May 5, aka Cinco De Mayo & Chris Brown's birthday. Let me see if I can make sense of this journey thus far by sharing it in writing... Here we go.

Cinco De Mayo is celebrated because it was the day that the Mexican Army had victory over the French Empire. I'm not familiar with this history just yet, so I allow Google 2 guide me down the rabbit hole. Ultimately, the French were involved in wars that resulted in them conquering other countries land. Mexico wasn't on that, stood their ground & won their war against the French Empire.

I don't like strating in the middle of s story. Even though this war hsppened 5.5.1862, I know something happened prior to that. This next part of history may be intense to comprehend, take in & process. Blame it on the mucus you have within. Here's a deep story for all of you to research intil things make sense. Begin your search with the hollow earth theory to learn what I'm talkin.

I'm gonna use the history of the strongest spiritual families this planet has hosted. Their karma has guided us to attract the life we are currently living.

All of this takes place in the center of the earth, known as Shambala. One group, the Shuyukh were often called deities, gods, priests, profits, messengers & seeers w/dark skin & between 5-7 ft tall.

Another group, the Siyniyn

aka coneheads are linked to the ancient Egyptians & African Congo. They were between 5-7 ft tall w/yellow to brown completed skin. They were highly intelligent, yet very violent.

I'm still wrappin my head around this story. There's soooo much more. For now, I'll let these words soak in so you can imagine which roots your family dwells from. This story proves we are all one big ass race. Repeating behavior expecting different results.

All this week, I have been feeling like I was interacting with barbaric persons who feared me continuing to publicly share my Starseed journey. People who received my words in the opposite manner they were created are just living distractions, takin me away from discovering my roots. I'm greatful for the distractions becauss now I'm srronger.

Chris Brown was right by my side thru it all. Singin all his beautiful songs. Reminding me of the beauty in being an perfectly imperfect earth angel.

Thankfully, I began cleaning myself up on May 1. I went meatless for 6 days before doing the turpentine parasite cleanse w/castor oil, distilled water & lemon. Today makes day 5 of my detox. I'm proud of my progress and ability to heal others, in spite of being in debilitating emotional pain myself.

This story will continue via the Ascention Group Forum. Which is on sale until 6.1.18. Now's the perfect time to invest in yourself. Visit the shop section and sign uo today.

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Here's a dope tune to help you all get through your journey. Thank you Chris Brown. Your music works like a charm on me, every time

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