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All Of The Lights



A fellow Light Being informed me 2day is a spiritual independence day & is linked 2 Thomas Edison, who was the scientific resource famous for explaining electricity.


All day, I have journeyed to greater comprehension on the idea of light. Here's what I observed:

W/o it u can't see.

Too much will blind u.

If u dim ur light 4 others, u must accept the ramifications

If u use ur light, 2 spark the flames of others, u'll light up ur world & darkness shall cease 2 exist.

I am a Gemini sun, Libra moon & rising. 100% mascaline air drunk off the fantasy of perfect living. I am very guilty of getting lost in the potential of a man. I'll rock with you 7 or even 10 years. During that time, I've assumed more responsibility than I should have. It takes me a super long time to break out of my illusions. However, once I do, it's a wrap.

Many other women can relate to my truth. Ladies, do yourself the favor of getting to know your own soul instead of chase a partner. Be them man or woman. We are ineligible to be loved unconditionally if we don't intitate self love within ourselves first.

Someone needed to read that. I celebrate you. Whoever you are.

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