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Peace Loved Ones . Early Rising to you all

Since relocating back to Vegas 4 yrs ago, I have committed myself to living in a constant state of inner peace. It took time, but I trained myself to only find financial blessings solely in my truth.

I have worked tirelessly in areas of fitness, spiritual awareness, strength, truth, love & light all my life really. I made my efforts professional in 2012. From the beginning, I felt like I was being prepped for something grater & had no idea what that could be until now. Lemme explain.

My journey has been about decoding the obvious. I used myself as a testing agent & created the techniques u all r observing now. This allows us to relate. That being said, research is the single element to always provide remedy when things aren't grasped (speaking personally).

Google is a whole world of free research that people around the World have contributed to. I would suggest we become comfortable w/questioning the obvious. Many things r nothing like what they seem.

Many of u all may be hearing the word "sovereign" & attaching negativity to it, as a reaction to media claims. Pls do ur research. The picture of this blog is a nugget u can begin ur journey with. Let the journey begin

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