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How To Write: Rebuttal To pg A Private Law Doc

June 14, I created 2 rebutals, to formally advocate for my release from the mental hospital June 2017. I never wanted to be admitted in the 1st place. I complied because the officers offered a trip to jail or the hospital. I picked the latter.

Here's the private law structure of the 2 letters I wrote. If you or someone you know needs this information, meditate, pray & visualize the reality you desire. All visions must be void of any fear, shame or guilt to manifest a reality serving your highest and greatest good. 1. "Rebutt to pg A of Legal 2000 R I am rebutting any and all claims mentioned. Specifically the claim to kill myself when my kids came home. Talking to myself in ER amf sharing the same info w/medics. Officer(2) & parametic(2) are unknown. For the record, I never have and never will harm myself or anyone else. My 2 children were home at the time of the incident. By: legal name (first and middle) Family of (last name/s) Date: June 14, 2017 "Rebuttal to June 14, 2017 pg #:X [rebuttal to oage A of leagl 2000R] I am rebutting the fact that police officers and ambulance witnessed me affirming that I plan to hurt, harm or injure myself and/or my children. I deny these alligations stated on pg 1 of Officers (2) & parametic (2). Names unknkwn. I deny [ whatever u were accused of. Ex: 'She planned to kill herself when her kids came home']. For the record, I will not harm myself and/or anyone else [add whatever personal statement u shared with someone of value. Ex : 'Talking to myself in ER. Told medics the same story']. For the record, my 2 children were present in the home during this experince. By: Your natural full legal Name. If you or someone you know is being held at Centennial Hills Hospital, use phone number (702) 486-4400 Las Vegas Mental Health 1650 Community College Drive Las Vegas, NV 89146

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