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Power Of Words

Words have power!

Lately, I've been befriended by soooo many beings I didn't previously kno. Thx to SM, it's happening a lot more rapidly than it initially began. One consistent element I notice is when people greet me, they attempt to match my vibration, but use words that weigh their message down.

Speaking to one another is a practice that many deem to be foreign & dated. Well, I'm only 34 & I dwell from Chicago. So, if I'm looked at as a trusted resource, it's b/c u see urself in me. I'm loving the energy behind messages, however, I want to encourage awareness behind every word we use.

The above message is just an example I wanna use to speak to all desiring parties. Let's continue to engage w/one another, spread love & elevate one another's frequency by treating others the way we wanna be treated. At the same time, let's also become more responsible w/our words. I'm promoting growth, unity, love & light. Not death, darkness, isolation & confusion.

Replacement Phrase:

Since I don't agee w/"Good Morning" attaching itself to me, in any way, I've replaced the phrase w/Early Rising, which represents my current state. Morning & mourning are of the same frequency. I have arose from an Alpha state of rest & am rising early to engage w/the beautiful like hearted people of the world. I believe this reality should be celebrated. Hence, Early Rising .

We r the People & We have the power to change life to what we desire it to be. What do u wanna change? How bad do u want it?! Comment below n let a Godis kno.

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