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I Just Wanna Luh Ya

As direct as my messages r, please always remember that all of my messages stem from love. I love all things & wish no negative on, to, over, about, around,regarding, or anything herein/therein anything to anywhere to anyone.

To me, Awakening refers to the relationship I have earned w/Source. I'm not limiting my mind, so I find truth in everything I focus on. No matter what my findings r, I recognize the power of ignorance. Many things in life, I've just recently become aware of. That being said, I communicate w/my emotional self constantly aligned in ThAT truth, no matter what life reveals to me.

Ultimately, we're all beings who've been granted free will. Which means we get to make our own choices. Any suffering we experience, we've welcomed (in 1 way or another which is why I stress the importance of conscious verbiage). Enlightenment is the cure for that. For everything, everywhere. Be light People. Be LiTE!

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