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Home Of The Brave

Use ur mind People! It's forbidden for a reason.

Idk about you guys, but I'm over the negative media reports. Private conversations r built off what we observe on the "Idiotbox". My Grandma's Generation called it that for a reason.

Because we make conversations from the most tragic realities, the thoughts ring thru our heads constantly. Forcing us to eventually recreate that story in our own lives.

Add senseless music (of all genres), scary radio reports of a mixture of politics, celebrity gossip & tragedy, & we've created a Hell of a life that we seemingly can't break away from.

I've recently just finished serving a partnership with the City of Las Vegas, focused on the Active Adult Community. I offered & participated in over 15 classes a week. I did 6 pool fitness classes, Hot Hula, Ballet & Belly Dancing.

Everyday, I was reminded of the power of love. The culture there is to compliment, support & assist everyone, all the time.

When I started, I was like a battered puppy (figuratively speaking). Limpin from one lap to another as I joined their vibes. I was soo lookin 4 affection & love. And boy, did I find it!

My awareness is a result of the phrase "seek & ye shall find". I learned a lot in a short period of time & now it's time to begin sharing my findings. The Active Adult Community reminded me:

Don't believe everything u hear/see.

Ask questions & discover multiple references.

Don't be afraid 2 speak up

Try new things.

Imperfect attempts is not the same as failed efforts.

Smile more

Always pick love

Enjoy the NoW

Speak & smile from ur heart

Be compassionate, no matter what

Always use ur gift of empathy

Never be afraid 2 speak up

Ur not alone.

Commit 2 "Me Time" @ least once a day, as u see fit

Now, it was "We The People" who have guided me this far. My best teachers looked like people I was trained to fear all my life. Turns out, they're really my majic carpet .

I urge u all 2 begin 2 research The Constitution, Bill of Rights, Black Law 4th edition & begin to really get who u r. Pls note, I'm a 10 yr certified Paralegal & I specialize in contract & tort law, for 10 yrs now. These r the contracts we were born into. The Active Adult Community was formally educated on this area of law. It's us, the Millinals that must get our knowledge up.

Discover these laws & discover ur freedom 🇺🇸

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