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Protect Yo Self Foo (N Happy Borniversary 2 me)

So many people have been talking about being spied on. I chalked this kinda talk up to paranoid people being paranoid. Then, I considered maybe they were so passionate about it b/c they had something to hide. Then my mom taught me a very important lesson.

About 6 yrs ago, my family got together & for professional pictures. It included my Granny, parents, myself & my 3 siblings, our significant others & the children we had at the time. I lived in another place, so it was a big deal to get everyone together. We went to Walmart & had a whole photo session. We were given a disc w/the pix we took on it.

My mom warned us not to post on Social Media (SM). When I asked why, my mom said b/c it's a private moment that is sacred to our family. Everything ain't everybody's business. Now, we all contributed financially to this family event, so I felt like I could do what I wanted w/the pix I had in my possession (being hard headed).

It took me some time (years), but I did end up using some of the pix in something I created for SM, highlighting my love & pride for my family. When my mom noticed, she was pissed. She warned me that one day, I would grow up & learn to appreciate the gift of privacy. My mom is just 16 yrs older than me. Lately, I could feel her becoming one w/her wisdom, but I labeled that as her acting like an old lady. I found her advice too prudish to apply, so I didn't.

Fast forward to now. Since I'm in a researching phase of my life, I looked up the details of being tracked. Cool thing about YouTube is, it's a community of FrEE trusted experts. So after they gave their personal perspective, they share steps to monitor if you are being tracked or not.

I watched several videos & followed all the steps just to recognize, I am in fact being surveillanced via an agency in Great Britian affiliated w/the government. Now, I don't feel like I have anything to hide. However, I'm not comfortable w/anyone having access to all my shit, anytime they want.

That's when I came across videos advocating EFF & GHOSTERY.

EFF is a free organization that's founded on people being aware of their digital rights. They have free programs u can download to any phone, tablet, computer to assist w/cookies (which r kinda like imprints ur computer makes from one promoting agency to another. Your info is collected & sold to private entities who use the info advertisers (FB, IG, Google, YouTube, SnapChat & soooo many more) sell to them on u.

Sneaky lil suckas, aren't they!?

GHOSTERY- Is a free program that catches the affiliates & prevent them from having access to ur computer. To offer a visual, both of these apps together could be compared to goin thru two front doors of a Brownstone apartment complex. 2 gain access, u must have the keys or be buzzed in.

Use ur words & give permission to those u desire to grant permission, to market to you. Use ur actions to stop foolishness.

Click these links to learn more

Happy BDay 2 me btw. I enjoy serving my life mission. Thank all of u 4 your support. Buckle up. Cuz we bout 2 take a ride...

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