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Shamanic Head Banga

Lately, I've been living outside my head, sharing info I deem to be valuable with perfect strangers via social media. That's not the most welcoming lifestyle in my current environment. All my hittas so scared of my words, they assume I speak poorly on their character & that offends me. So after a while, we all mad af.

Reckless, fear based thoughts is what I've been combating all my life. My hittas have been my greatest teachers, in every way. Spending time alone allows me 2 make peace w/all my thoughts. Reguardlessof what I've endured.

Recently, I've taken a deeper look @Shamanism which is a spiritually based practice, linked to the indigenous people. My ansestors.

I began my research nearly two yrs ago. While researching, I came across this song:

I have spirits, spirits have I

I have spirits, spirits have I

I have spirits b spirits have I

I, I, I.

My spirits r like birds

And the wings

And their bodies r my dreams

I have spirits, spirits have I

I, I, I.

Anytime I feel out of alignment w/what life is revealing to me. I give myself permission to sing this song. While singing, I remember the forces I have on my side, by my side, within every fiber of my being. These are my guides. My Ascendant Masters & Arch Angels.

I welcome each of u to sing this song. Observe how the wind, animals, birds react to u. I welcome u to try it out whenever u get out of alignment. We're not alone & the more we go out of out way to unify (simply by holding hands), the more unbreakable we become as a nation. What do ya say, society!? Wanna hold my hand? Comment below n let a Godis kno

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