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Progress is Key

Still processing this life lesson as well, so I call upon the lyrics of De'Seree to get me through. May the majic of this song guide you as well.

Love is my passion

Love is my friend

Love is universal

Love never ends

Then why am I faced w/so much anger

So much pain?

Why should I hide?

Why should I be ashamed?

Time is much to short to be living someone else's life

I walk w/dignity

I step w/pride 'Cause I ain't movin from my face

From my race

From my history

I ain't movin from my love

My peaceful dove

Means to much to me

Loving self can be so hard

Honesty can be demanding

Learn to love urself

It's a great, great feeling

When ur down baby

I will set u free

I will be ur remedy

I will be ur tree

A wise man is clever

Seldom ever speaks a word

A foolish man keeps talking

Never is he heard

Time's to lonely

To lonely w/o words

Future voices need to be heard

Eyebrows r always older than beards

Momma said be brave

U have nothing to fear

I ain't movin

I've been here long before

I ain't movin

Cause I want more

I ain't movin

Got my feet on the ground

As far as I'm concerned

Love should win the rounds

-Des'ree, I ain't Moving

This was a huge album, during my childhood. I was reminded of the strength the track infectiously illuminates, as I accomplish new goals w/in my personal life & career.

My test was to remain grounded in my foundation. No matter what family member or friend had to say to insight confusion of what I know to be legally true & correct.

Stay strong Light Beings. Tests r necessary but YOU can do anything u put ur mind to. Keep lightin this muthafuqa up w/Love n Lite

It takes some1 strong 2 make some1 strong. ThanK u Mom

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