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Help Me Out Janelle

I was forewarned about hyper focusing on the good. I'm still healing from focusing my real energy on fake realities. My lesson was to pay attention to the power of my thoughts, because my mind was forming the reality I feared. 92 weeks ago, I was packin me & my babies bags so we could move to Miami and find peace. I no longer cared about my partnerships & community success because it was costing me too much.

My family was dismayed & uncontrollable arguing was our reality. I truly dispise arguing. However, I will defend myself to no end, which forces me to match the same energy breakin me down. I was crying, having panic attacks & singin Janelle Monae songs like my life depended on it.

While I do acknowledge the negative, I don't breath life into it. Not for anyone. Sometimes, I loose my focus & join the circus. But what do you expect. Not even Earth Angels can camouflage pain .

The only love my heart approaches

Your tender eyes fill mine w/roses

I drink ur wine

And never will my heart dry inside

Or be denied

Walk like a lonely fool in Prague

Singing a love song & the words I wrote

I wrote for two

Gentle as a lullaby @ night

I hear u humming private melodiess

Ur near

BaBopByeYa, where r u my darling?

BaBopByeYa, can u hear me calling?

Rewind the clock

Our time's approaching

Give is the eyes to guide ya most when

We have no light to see thruout all our darkest days

And troubled ways (Meet me @ the door by the garden) 3x's

(I'll be waiting there)

BaBopByeYa, they kno all about u

BaBopByeYa I will leave w/o u

Ojos miran hacia la luna (Eyes look to the moon)

Evitan un mundo tan triste

(Avoid a world so sad)

Dominado bajo el odio

(Ruled under the hate)

Donde el amor no exiate

(Where there is no love)

Dame en su refugio

(Give me refuge in ur Kingdom)

De la oscuridad pelogrosa

(From the dangerous darkness)

Espero en la esquina, Querida

(I'll wait @ the corner, my love)

Busco la llamanda amorosa

(I'll search for the call of lomust Like a lonely matador@ night

Fighting in the darkness for light

I won't stop until I hear the call of love

And when I'm alone

U r near to me

U have made a home in my memory

There u will abide for forever

And I will keep u warm in the night (Like a lonely matador @ night)

(Fight in the darkness for the light)

In the face of an awful danger

He risks his life to save her

Lowly manger

Arms of strangers

To me

Allude peruse me


I hear echos of ur laughter in the corner of my mind

While I memorize each detail of ur intricate design

In ur hair there is a symphony

Ur lips, a string quartet

They tell stories of a Neon Valley Street

Where we 1st met

Now somewhere time pursues us

As we love in Technicolor

But I dwell in silence on ur words

Which move me like none other.This time I shall be unafraid

& violence will not move me

This time we will relax

This time we will stay in our movie

I see beyond tomorrow

This life of strife & sorrow

My freedom calls & I must go

I must go... (3x's)

If any of you find yourselves leaving one painful reality to another, sing this song & feel the power. You, my love, can do anything u put your mind to. I'm always cheering for you. However, for my cheers yo count, you must do your work.

Manifest responsibly Luv Bugs

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