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Mars, Fear, Uranus & Feelings

Someone close to me had a P.O. meeting today. Every meeting they have, my heart stops for a short moment. During that time, I give myself permission to see my worse nightmare, of my loved one's freedom being taken away. They have a family. Some are employed. Some hold down their home. Reality would surly suck if they were thrown in prison.

Seein that doesn't feel good to me. So I get quiet & remain still as I envision a better feeling reality. Where everyone lives out their dream.

Instantly, my heart goes from it's usual numb" stabbing state. To a full, light, joy-filled state. It's very Gemini .

I'm growing from recurring panic attacks. In those moments, I focus on my breath. I close my eyes and direct positive energy in as I breathe in. Negative energy out as I exhale.

My eyes are closed so I can see whatever image my heart wants to show me. I just make sure whatever I see feels good in that very moment.

My eyes are closed which reminds me I have the power to control what I see. The least I can do is flex my power. Every time, my friend comes out ok.

These days, a warrant in the name of Angela Matox is circulating. A bond is being demaned. The pressure is on. Instead of fear, I must do my research then do my work.

To get me through, I smoke weed. This week, I've been all about the 3 King strand, which was mentioned in the previous blog (click here to read:

I have been feeling hella paranoid. I'm dealin w/a ticket. Which I talked about in a previous blog.

(Click here to read:

I did my injunction for Nevada & Florida last year. I mailed it to Joseph Lombardo, the sheriff of the Las Vegas police department.

Injunctions quote a particular state's constitutional rule that honors our right of freedom to travel. The request is to be acknowledged by the police department in the particular county you address. Resulting in being placed on the Do Not Detain List, which prevents people from being arrested, unless they caused harm, injure or endanger another. Here's a pic of my docs before I mailed them off. (Click here:

All those interested in avoiding going to jail, study the injunction process. Click the link to learn about the process via Jonah Bey. Who happens to be 1 of my fave private law resources.

I refuse to accept threats against my personal freedom. Life is a game. The rules to the game are acknowledged in different areas of the law. Namely, common and trust law. Applying the rules to the game almost always ensures you will attract some situation dealin w/a huge fear. Rectifying that, while living life almost always ensures you getting caught in traps. And that shit is exhausting af!

I challenge all of you to research the black law's dictionary definition of injunction. Check out everything I've provided in this blog and research your states constitution. Which is the process behind legally protecting thyself from bondage.

If we are tired of our people being abducted and ushered to jail, injunction is the route to go.

Thank you for receiving my truth. Pls share this article w/anyone who needs it

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