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Becoming Present

Peace Babes

Everyday I wake up, I feel like I feel life more purely than I did before. It seems like I'm triggered on a daily basis. Maintaining my che is an exhausting sport when the people I'm spending time w/lately are hardly doing their fair share. Which causes the general energy to be heavy. I used to be the verbal karma police. Acknowledging every wrong so it could be made right.

I was always down to help. Then I noticed I was the only one doing the work. I'm healing from a lifetime of carrying other people's load. Regardless of any specific & petty situation that surfaces.

From arguing w/family about childhood memories to having my son abandoned in the airport by LaToya & her 3 children, my patience has been tested like a mofo! I can see right through these situations as I notice how these situations r simply triggers. I can see the value in me deep breathing and meditating as much as I do.

This is the way I see it. There r to sides to life. The love side & the fear side. The love side is where my dreams & beautiful fantasies live. The fear side is where my wakin nightmares & worse realities live. As long as I connect myself to love n lite in all situations, I get 1 ride the love train and everything works itself out.

I'm tested often. These tests represent triggers that are attached to the nucleus of my fear, shame & guilt. Which is energy which lives in my lower 3 chakras. I been clearing my chakras a couple yrs now. Not sure if I'll ever be done. However, I do see the benefits of my hard work thus far. I'm learning myself on a much deeper level than I ever have. It's dope to share my experiences w/all of u.

In my 36 yrs of life, I been thru alot. Maintaining myself emotionally has been a lifelong battle. Thx to me learning occult, esoteric, natal & astronomy, I am aable to accept & respect the game of life much better than I have before.

All this week, I'll be tellin how studying my natal info is healin my personal relationships & giving me the courage to release relationships I've grown addicted to. Follow @_HelloMyNameIsAngela & get in on the convo.

Then I'll be tellin my truth about how dense food effects us physically, mentally & emotionally. Even if we r focused on living our best, drama free lives, drama can still find us. Follow @TwerkNTone to learn my lil secrets & join the convo.

Thank u to each of u for accepting my truth. Whether u r aware of it or not. It's soo dope knowing urself better than anyone else. Remember, life is a movie & u r the director. Here's to all of us mastering ourselves more than anyone else #ClinkClink

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