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The Sun, The Moon N The Stars

Peace Babes,

So, I been studying my natal chart whenever life feels 2 overwhelming. Which is damn near all the damn time, these days. If u follow me on social media, u know that I am healing from responding in explosive ways. I am being tested on major levels these days. My children are involved. Shit's too cray...

Instead of responding from the defensive place, I honor that my living experiences are just someone's weak ass attempt to distract me from paying attention to myself. The more I study, the greater these outside distractions become. Clearly, I'm on to something good.

It's only right I share all this info with all of you. Earlier this week, It was suggested I tap into my inner Libra & pay attention to my 5th, 7th & 12th houses. This natal chart, esoteric, sabaism shit started off havin my head spinnin. It's took me a while, but I'm beginning to digest more. The things I am learning help me alleviate my fear. The secret is to bite one section at a time & give your soul time to digest the info you come across. I was told early on in my journey that I had 2 unlearn everything I thought I knew so I could learn what I never knew I didn't know. That's the truest statement that's constantly saving my ass.

My relationships all have the commonality of distracting me energetically to vibrate at a lower frequency. As a Gemini, I easily spot issues, trouble & problems. I speak up. Often. Which is how I got the title argumentative.

I have maad Libra placements in my chart. I wanna balance every damn thing. I find beauty in all things. Both my Mars & Saturn r both also in Libra. Love is my weapon of choice.

As the week floats by, all of you will be triggered as well. Remain connected 2 yourselves. That's all you have. Everything else, including your parents, children & partner r merely illusions. Better known as reflections of you. You must see your own sense of perfectionism in order to constantly attract it in others.

The cover pic is my natal chart. Feel free to pull up your own. Here is one of my fave, free sites:

Remember, the natal chart is a snap shot of the galaxy the moment you were born. Everything about your whole life is in this report. The science of natal chart is a league of it's own. To avoid feeling over whelmed, google all the titles you are not familiar with. Enjoy the process of getting to know yourself.

May all of our vortex wishes of unconditional love, eliminating light & supreme peace bless us all. It already has in my world. Thx Dr. Joe...

Chat w/y'all later. Love n Lite

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