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What More Can I Say

Peace Babes,

So, all this week, I been processing the words I wrote last week. This week, I wanna be more direct.

My private law journey began when my King was ordered to serve probation on a case he wasn't guilty of. It happened in another state beyond the 1 he was living in. At the time, we didn't respect the reality that all law is a fiction. He responded to the call and now he must serve his sentence. The decision was void the vote of the family. Because of a fictitious case, my King has been away from his children & their mothers.

I didn't believe this sentence was the last word. 1 google search lead to another as we fell down the rabbit hole. Both my King & I swallowed the red pill. We been awakening every since.

I had a lot goin on in my life back then. My daily interaction was servicing people who genuinely appreciated life as a profession. Which rubbed off on me regarding how I addressed myself. That helped me focus better.

I was also partnered with Needle on the Record & taking care of my children. I felt so empty by bedtime, that I sacrificed sleep to figure out the legal way to unify my family. I couldn't sleep. I became obsessed with keeping my family together. Still, I was burning both sides of my candle.

One day after work, a ticket happened. I moved to Miami and became an urban monk. I began applying private/common law practices & procedures months before leaving.

Last year, I served the Las Vegas Police Department an injunction so the name of my strawman could be added to the do not detain list. Read the previous blogs here:

How is it possible for some legal official to call an unlisted number threatening anything? Sound like some bill collector shit to me. I'm speakin up because I am annoyed. I feel threatened. And I want to make sure I am doing the right thing so my family & I can enjoy a beautiful life w/our friends.

I'm still learning. However, I kno a lady always gives notice. Consider all my blogs notice.

Before I spoke up, I felt pressured 2 remain quiet until I perfected everything. I wanted my speak up experience to be laced with facts. Then I was like, well, if everything I'm doin is legit, it can remedy the jail population most people in my community been facin.

The injunction is based on the constitution of that state. In order to experience privilege, one must claim it 1st.

So, whether you are dealing with traffic tickets, criminal or civil matters, look into filing an injunction. I believe the stipulation to filing an injunction is you must own yourself. Meaning the birth certificate must be authenticated. Which we'll chat about next week.

In the meantime, research the key words mentioned in this blog. Google and YouTube are amazing tools. Get ya knowledge up & create life the way u want it to be.

Happy Healin Tribe

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