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Being Present

Peace All

Lemme start off sharing I'm tired af! I feel like I'm running the race of life 4 several lifetimes at once right now. This is my 1st go-round. I know all you karmic lifers are feeling it even more than I am.

Or are you...?

We are just a couple days away from the longest lunar eclipse the Universe has experienced in 120 years. It will be visible in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia & Australia. I'm in North America. But pls believe I will be checking out the live stream.

This Lunar eclipse is bringing in energies of clearing generational wounds eternally, if you do the work. If you happen to follow the meditative process of healing fear, shame & guilt, the feelings will roll right off you. Suddenly, your pain will illuminate a massive lesson learned. They say, this is the part where miracles happen.

I'm still waiting.

To be honest, I have enormous spiritual abilities. Because of my natural make up and because of my lifestyle and daily practices. My union with my King guided me through the process of believing in the unseen. I believed in him like many believe in their God. Which let me know who he is. My God. However, I had to acknowledge that if I was the only one truly seeing the God in him, I couldn't see the God in myself. My lessons constantly teacg me that I am indeed a Godis & not because of him. These days, I'm healing from mishandling myself so frequently, so much of my life. I notice others in the same boat. Some are doing their work like me. Some are not.

The energies of today promises us that those who take a chance and follow their instincts, they will be led to a pot of gold beyond the rainbow. I been taking charge. Following my instincts. Ignoring the outside chatter for a couple years now. I've dealt with things in layers. 1st I began listening to my inner voice. Then I began to dissect my paranoid feelings, always rooted in fear, shame & guilt. After such an intense journey, it's tough to gage where I actually stand.

I'm awakening more and more by the day. I just posted on IG talkin bout how I'm comprised of 7 galaxies plus more basic starseed markings info I recently learned about myself. To affirmatively know that I am the super hero I always suspected myself of being is surreal. Society begs me to question, who do I think I am. I' honored to finally know, I am myself.

I'm beginning to believe that everyone is respecting my stance on life. I no longer feel pressure thinking of those who will continue to ignore themselves. There is at least 1 (myself) taking notes, applying & seeing results. I test myself out. Share my results through my words with the World, as I learn it, these days. Now, I am taking my wishes outside myself to bring them to life.

Creative writing expressing my truth is my lifestyle these days. I'm sharing key info that saved me. If it's saving you, feel free to donate and share with others. Please and thank you.

Enjoy this intense time of healing Babes. This is actually an incredible time to be alive.

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