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After The Rising After

Peace Babes. How y'all be? I'm doin much better. I truly feel like every moment that I am awake in wakin life, reawakens every part of my awareness. Today makes Day #2 since the whole FB Live situation happened. If you are clueless as to what I am speakin of, pls refer back to this week's Alien Girl World blogs.

The ppl in my current reality are workin so hard to familiarize themselves with what they think they see. Ppl don't really speak their full truth to loved ones. Especially not the parents. Especially not the Mom. So when they see me do it, they treat me like I have committed a crime.

I get it. Our parents gave us life, not the only way around. Ijs, life-giver or not, I can't build with a dark heart. I don't believe any of us can...

I am facing life and communicating with myself about what does and doesn't work for me. This isn't a collective observation. What works for me may not work for someone else. All the self love I've been smothering myself with is coming in handy right now.

Last year, my life fell totally apart. I couldn't fully comprehend why, initially. I didn't love myself this time last yr like I do now. Now, I stand and look myself in the eye as I see a lot clearer.

It's not about blaming others. That's never been my thing. It's been about making peace with my truth. Which often times don't match the truth of others. I'm healing from punishing myself incessantly.

This yr, I can see life falling together. Even in times of confusion and chaos. I can't front. It's difficult af following my own lead when so many ppl in my circle doubt what they see. Yet, still don't comprehend. I respect the reality that it's only bc they don't comprehend themselves. Which makes this situation a yp(your problem), not a mp (my problem).

My bottom line was to trace the roots of my corrupt behavior. Face it(in love & light), forgive & move on. I've done that. My parents were a vital part of my personal Awakening. It was uncomfortable af to bring the outside World in on our private convo. However, it offered me major guidance.

Today is the longest Lunar, blood moon eclipse this generation has ever witnessed. It's been 120 yrs since nature behaved the way she is now. The event is set to happen this afternoon. The sky has been changing a reddish/pink color all week long.

Last night, I watched a blushy sun turn red as it set. It was gorgeous! The clouds were red/pink as well. Still, there were countless dark clouds near by. Still, nothing could stop the light of love. There was even a lightening show that lit up the sky afterwards. I didn't see the colorful lightening this time, like I did last week. Observing nature has been uber therapeutic for me this yr.

I'm not fully aware of what's happening in the sky. I'm not really sure what's happening 2 me physically. I just know change is happening. I'm grateful. I choose to focus on how I can be a better version of myself as I take it all in.

I dressed & lit my spiritual candle around 2am. I watched the flame dance as I made peace w/my past. Now's the perfect time for petitions to my angels goin over my wishes. Which is always to simply manifest unconditional love for all ppl, everywhere. Regardless of the circumstances. No hash realizations. It's literally been all love & all light, from me, to me. I'm proud.

Today, I wanna encourage you all to believe in yourselves the most you ever have. Make it a game. Have fun. Play around with your wishes and go out of your way to attract your final desires. There are prizes that exceed the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Only self love and honesty can guide us through. Y'all ready or...?

Is anyone else as excited as I am about this eclipse? Eclipse season is nearly over. 2 down, 1 more to go. Let's get it outter and inner planets! I have some wishes to manifest into reality.

Thx for listening to my rant.

Learn more about the eclipse here:

See the historical eclipse LIVE here:

Pls donate. My children & I thank you all in advance:


Thank all of you in advance. Love n Lite

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