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Abundant August

Peace Babes. Merry Eclipse Season to you all. How are you all feeling? How's your heart?

Collectively, we are awakening as a society. This can feel kind of aggressive. The masculine part of our existence will feel the need to run. The feminine part will be searching for a resolution. The problem current feminine energy has is the need to over extend oneself. Even in naturally male bodies. Depending on what your family upbringing was in your early childhood will determine how your fear, shame and guilt shall manifest.

The 6 planets in retrograde and eclipses are how we are processing all of this energy. These current days we are living in are full of miracles. August welcomes us all to the other side of where we currently are.

Therefore, this month we are diving in deep to this month's Lion's Gate eclipse, on August 11, 2018 at. 8:02 am UT and ending around 11:30am UT. It will pass over North and East Asia, Scandinavia, Iceland and Geeenland. As well as the icy regions of Canada. Come learn how this energy will effect you personally by signing up for our Ascention Forum.

August will be all about self care. Which is the perfect remedy for soothing the 5 Million years of karma (cause and effect) we are currently working off. The food we eat carries energy. All dense food is acid and bring darkness. Light foods are alkaline and bring life. Learn more and engage with like minded people by joining our Conscious Eating Forum.

In these current times, mascaline energy is needing major forgivness, as divine mascalines have collectively been harvesting massive guilt. Feminine energy is needing to make peace with her truth. Resulting in women willingly speaking their truth. The guidance ladies need to , follow their Divine path is available via our Godis Course Forums. Come learn the ancient secrets of love, apply it and mnaifest accordingly. We also offer a monthly Godis box full of manifestion treats, perfect for any Godis. We also have spiritual products, fitness guidance, directional insight and more.

All forums are virtual hubs, attracting like minded people to learn and expand with. Join today and begin yiur personal journey to elevation.

In these very moments, it is important that we link together. The natal chart is our guide. Not only for our galactic selves, byt our human selves as well. 2018 has been a dynamic year. August is our final full month of Summer. Let's make it all worth it.

As a collective Love n Lite Tribe. We are doing great. Time to relax and accept. See you all next month.

Love n Lite Babes

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