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Illusions Of Reality

Peace Babes. How y'all be? How was this week? For me, it was pretty smooth with lots of bumps and cracks in the road. I used my own love & light energy, feeding from my overflow. Which allowed me to manifest beauty and brillance.

The more familar w/the pattern of life I become familar with, the better I can identify problems and resolutions. This is a grand time of awakening. We are 7 days past our most recent eclipse. Which was incredibly energetically powerful af. We have the final eclipse of the year on August 11. August 8th we have Lion's Gate. Which we'll soon cover. I'm seeing people become more health conscious & living better from better decision making. I see more compassion. Less competition. I truly see the World changing which means everything to me.

Because I see change, I feel confident continuing to share my messages.

This lack matrix seems 2 be full of themes, which tie in the psychology based on the natal chart. The programming is fed via the food, media & body care products. The education is significantly dumbed down in most areas.

We are collectively detatching from this level of programming.

I notice my personal tribe & I elevating, in 1 respect or another constantly these days. I would say our theme this week was unity. I can see that's the train my Tribe and I rode to get to the healing state we are in. I had some moments this week. None of them explosive. All of them healing & bearing barrells of tears. Physically releasing my pain allowed love in. I connected with my brother probably on the deepest level we have ever connected. We are usually attached thru our pain. This week, I felt him walk over into the love. Specifically, my love. As his big sister, that feels amazing.

I apologized for isolating him. He's the baby boy. The only son. I didn't learn to value male energy until I birthed a son. I see so much of my brother in Ayden. My brother been through a lot. Yet, he naturally shines. He is just as special as I am. This makes me curious of his origins. I will meditate to learn more about my path. Stay tuned for details. I'm sooo honored to be a part of the whole setup.

Tonight, I am surprising my son with his 1st concert. We're seeing Chris Brown, his favorite artist. Chris Brown is a beautiful Starseed who got lost, like all of us. He recently got Blueray tatted on his face. Through his tour, he is sharing his journey.

Chris Brown preaches alien based messages of divine unconditional love. I'm honroed we will be in the same building. This will be my 1st Chris Brown full concert. I've seen him perform live at various award shows. I'm beyond excited! I'll be vlogging all about it.

My Mom has 2 more tickets & may decide not to go. I have visions of dreams. I'm testing my manifestation powers out. I'll keep y'all posted on my progress.

Today will be all about manifesting. My stories will document Ayden's surprise experience.

This is a beautiful time to be alive. Yes, certain shit hurts beyond measure sometime. Deal with it directly, by facing it. Don't run. There are lessons in pain.

Now I'm dancing into my weeked like the star I be. Care to join me? Here r some tools

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