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Pain is What You Make It.

In these current times, my children r healing. Just like the adults. I observe them making peace w/previous life experinces that hurt their feelings, in any capacity. Life is currently teaching them to ignire their feelings and be who everybody needs them to be. They commit to performing well in school. The resentment they harbor for life works well w/successfully achieving school duties. Especially the girls.

In personal settings, the girls tend to isolate the boys in reaction for the issues they have w/males. Usually rooted in the relationship they have with their Dad.

I witnessed the males silently sink to their new position. Around the same time society begins to fear & over sexualize the younger melanin-rich male.

I can relate to going through what the girls are experiencing. My utter hatred for my biological father resulted in me dismissing my brother as a being most of his life. I treated other men the same. This pain was my bottom line truth. On the surface, I was polight & manageable. I got along well with most people. However, deep down inside, I was noticing things about all males that reminded me of my biological father. The fact that he abondoned all 4 of us. But especially me. Fuq'd me up...!

I was always his lil role dog. Bc I was so smart, I was able 2 facilitate messsges between he & my Mom. I was honored 2 be his spokesperson cuz when words came from his mouth, they weren't received that well. Well, 1 XMas, he set me up. And my Mom spoke up. I've always been as intelligent as I am. She accused him of using me & verified her facts. He attempted 2 defend himself w/ an aggressive tone & lots of curse words, yet & still, expressing his truth. He was rejected & behaved like a crazy man 4 a while off & on b4 finally goin away 4 super long periods of time. When he came back, I cussed his ass out! Every time... 🖤! He could never make it up to me.

For all the fathers out there, allow me to inform you that your presence will always be important to your child. There is an eternal, imaginary connection that keeps is linked together for life. If you allow any pain, by way if fear, shame or guilt, you shall manifest whatever nightmare your own imagination dreams into existence. Pain is optional. Forgivness is the secret sauce.

I forgive myself for allowing painful experinces to become my reality. I forgive and everyone involved for not being what I needed them to be. I see everyone doing what they love and enjoying life. I release them and I set them free. I welcome all kinds of dope, amazing feeling realities to take the place of pain.

Feel free to follow my lead and manifest the unconditional love you have always wanted.

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Now go be great Tribe

Love & Lite

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