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More To F'n Balance

Where do feelings of inadequacy and abondnment come from? Our parents...!

Oh, right. How y'all doin? I'm so thirsty to type about this subject, I forgot my manners. I apologize.

Today is day 2 of this the Lion's Gate energy. Tomorrow, August 11 is the final eclipse of the year. This is the upgrade in consciousness to the higher realms. The invitation to the heavens. It's important that I say that, before I make my next point.

I'm workin hard to heal from parent imprints. I recognize that my parents are not as aware and/or sensitive as I am. Therefore, they don't know the same things I know. My truth may (& often does) distrub their perception of reality. That is not my intention. Still, I feel the need to speak my truth. So I am.

I have been working tirelessly over the past 6 years on formulating a plan to take care of my family. I just wanted to cover rent, get a car, take care of my responsibilities care free & shop whenever I wanted. I already manifested that reality. Seveal times this lifetime. I didn't agree with the circumstances, so I sent the opportunitirs away. While punishing myself for still not finding peace.

Many times, my independent thoughts to succeed professionally failed. So I went to work for others, so I could gain more knowledge. Over the years, I have learned a lot. I don't feel comfortable in corporate environments because I know their tricks. I blog and post about what I know. Which makes it tough to show up and earn a paycheck everyday. I literally feel bad for ripping people off.

I'm just now learning how to pay attention to myself. I'm 36. I've been working for an employer since I was 15. I am no longer willing to invest my energy into a professional position that just tricks me into giving up on my dreams. While guiding me to manipulate others for a paycheck. Work, plus raising children, getting along w/others (especially my BD's- baby daddies) plus finding my place in this World was overwhelming.

I was attempting to heal myself. Still, I talked shit out on a surface level w/a psychologists & never felt a major impact. Healing myself with prescriptions, retail therapy and men/sex got old quick. I got tired of burying myself in the illusion of healing, while hurting myself more. This has been an intense journey. I know too much now. Therefore, I must do better.

I reject all the fear, shame & guilt from the above reality. Return to sender. I accept the abundance I have earned. With no more self sacrifice.

My message today is to both the parents of visionary children and the young visionaries themselves.


It is not ok to inflict your fear on your child. Programming them to give up on their dreams and follow your advice instead. If your child is gifted and working on serving the World in some way, encourage them. Meditate and see their success. Many of today's children are literally accomplishing the impossible. They need encouragement, not ridicule.

Be conscious not to speak words that hurt anyone's feelings. Especially your child. Especially if they are spiritually gifted. That will discourage their efforts. These days, you will know exactly what the touchy subjects are and why they hurt. Visionaries are self healers. Give the children some room and allow them to rebirth themselves. The experince can be summed up in the story of the Phoenix. Click here to learn more:

Creative Children:

Remain focused. Always honor your truth. Be honest with yourself about how that feels. Write about it. Do your healing process to release, heal and rebuild and write about your experinces. Share your lessons. Everything is all right, alright?

You may feel some intense feelings. Remember, you are reviving yourself from excessive numbness. Mine rooted back to my infancy. Because I was fed formula. The sugar, my DNA & my natural abilities clashed. Forcing my horrible feelings about life to surface. Really, my retrograde characteristics couldn't shine through because I couldn't see myself just yet. These days, I focus on balance which can be tough. Studying the science of myself via my natal chart has been very helpful. Perhaps these words will guide any stuck souls along their journey, resulting in an infinate state of flow.

We exist to live out our dreams. Don't allow anyone to come into your life and tell you what you can & can't do. You can do anything you affirm to yourself, create & manifest. We all do this already. The trick is making sure it feels good to us.

Today, release all your cares and concerns to your angels. Eclipse's represent battles between Rahu and Ketu who vowed to swollow the sun and moon to avenge them. This time is about moving things and embracing more joy in life. I personally don't respond well to pressure. So all I see is abundance and beauty.

Here's an angel number that guided me. May it do the same for you:

Learn about today's eclipse:

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